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mardi 29 septembre 2009

Halloween party 2008

I do not know if I ever mention it but for every Halloween , my honey and I organise a dinner and a party for our friends.We start this tradition since we are together.I like to choose a theme and last year was : The year 1920.I try to choose something not too much hard for our guest (one day I would like to do victorian years in a great ballroom).

The red dress was my costume.I do not use any commercial pattern.The pattern I use is my grandmother dress.When I was young , my cousin and I always want this dress.My grandmother wear that when she was 20 years old(she's now 74) and a picture of her and my grandfather dancing (both wearing the same tone of blue)stay in their living room for years.To make a pattern , I open the seams in the back and draw the pattern on a paper.The shape is tubular which is perfect for the 1920 years.I had one more layer to get something longer.I had a trim with fringe , 7 yards.The fabric is 100% synthetic and very extensible so I do not fear I could not wear it again.Because the fabric is extensible , the top of the dress is in one piece and have no zipper .If you look at the picture with the cloak , you see how closer I get to the original.Only a few modification and addition make it perfect.

The only negative point about this dress( there is always something wrong)is I did it a little too large.I try to wash it and put it in the dryer at high heat but it does not work.I was expecting the fabric will narrow but it doesn't.I use some safety pins but I know on some pictures we saw my bra.

If anyone would like to do something similar , I will suggest to make the top piece smaller which I think will looks like better.Do not choose a heavy fabric but something light , the weight of the fabric tend to stretch the top .

The original dress is wear with a short cloak with feathers on it.My grandmother never wear again the dress after the picture was taken.The color did not change and did not turn yellow.The quality of clothing was better in that time.

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  1. Oh wow! I did not know, or remember you telling me, about your grandmother's dress. I love vintage clothing. This is really cool! Can I see it one day? I could make a pattern out of it.