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mardi 6 septembre 2011

The international medieval festival

Disclamer: The following pictures have been taken during a public event. If for any reason you see yourself on it and want it to be remove , please contact me and I will fix it.

This festival is really unique here in Quebec.First it last for 3 days  saturday to monday , monday being our labor day .The second and major reason is , as far as I know , this is the only festival in Quebec in which can see knights with their horses  presenting joust and a tournament which include knights from Ontario and the US.

This year the festival have move to Lachute , it was the first time it happend .Because I have to drive at least 45min which is more then usually ,  I was saying to myself it must deserve it.Yes it does.The choice of the site was great.No problem of parking , more of it was available.More campments , more merchants , more space for everything and a lot of available place to increase all of this for the futur.Saturday was the best day because sunday and monday the sky was grey and sometimes bring rain.Even with rain nothing have been cancelled.

In every festival , you can see weird or unexplained thing.My friend Gwenyver didn't came with me this year and I know how much she like to look on the costumes people wore .This year I saw less people in costumes but  more historical choice.

I also saw a group of musketeer.Well I thought I was very good in history class in high school but I didn't remember they were musketeer in the middle age.Their costume looks good but I'm sorry if some read that but it wasn't the right place for you.Wrong period of time guys.

Soon after we arrive , we heard bagpipes and I really like that.We saw this group bellow.I wish they could wear something more historical .I don't know who they are but  I easily forgive them because having a live playing band is really great.

 An exemple of why the choice of the site was geat.For looking the joust , there is a great platform for sitting and there is  a roof.It's nice to have a roof when it rain.This picture have been taken just before the joust start.

 A picture of me sitting on the grass during the lunch.I do wear the vinking costume I present in a previous post which I receive as a gift.The underdress was light and perfect for the weather.It was so hot .Now 3 days after the sunburn on the face I get there , I looks like a little tan.My honey who also accompany me choose to not wear his scottish costume which I like so much.I was a little sad to see him normally dress but I was happy he came with me .I really hope in the futur the festival will offer more then hot dog and hamburger to eat .With only 2 places to eat on the site, there is a huge line up at lunch time.A bigger site should include more toilets specially for ladies .

 Another picture taken during the joust.It was present by 4 knights and last for  + - half an hour .We were sitting in the first row .I want to be sure I will be able to take good picture .Behind the knight , you can see a part of the historical campment which are always present .

A live picture of the joust.It's hard to take a good one.I like joust maybe because I wish to do it after taking my medieval fencing class a few years ago.I have the feeling the little girl in me is just so excited to watch joust it's like  a dream becoming reality.

When talking of reality ,  one of  the 4 knights was a lady.Her horse doesn't seem to cooperate very well. During the joust , she fall down form her horse.It was like something totally unreal.She fall down and stay on the ground without moving during a few minutes.Everyone stop breathing , we thought she might be injured..When she finally move and get up , she receive a hundred of applauses.Ouf ! With the costume and the complete armor , it was probably a real shock to fall and with the high heat of the day it might be terrible.

My honey and I didn't stay to watch the tournament of Lys d'argent  which is a part of the World joust tournament.They were no place to sit and it was in full sun during the afternoon when the heat was the highest.I'm dissapointed by it but I was so tired we can't stay longer.For the first time I'm the one who ask to leave.I was sick during the week before the event so I knew my limits for the day.It was a great event and if you have the chance next year to see it , I highly recommend it.You can find more detail about it directly on the web site (because the festival did not make publicity)at .

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