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dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Preparation for halloween , part 2

You know what happend when things are going so well , on the good track ? Something have to change it.

After I wrote the previous part 1 , I show my honey the fabric for the costume of our son.And then he ask me : what about me? I said what you ? You were not interest , but he said I want to match with you.He look at me with this eyes , the kind of you couldn't resist.Well then , I will have to change.At first I was a little mad but I see it as a great opportunity.

I had to buy a lot of stuff , mostly in India.It take at least 2 weeks to arrive so it must be plan carefully to make sure I will had ALL the time nad things I need.But let's first talk about the costume changement.
My honey will be a maharaja (or raja which is indian king) , my son a prince and me a maharani or rani (queen).I already receive my white sari which I could not wear now.A rani will match better with the two of them.Again, I had to do shopping for a sari .I did not enjoy it at all (actually I enjoy it too much).Now I know a plenty of places.This time I choose a  pure mysore silk sari from Utsav fashion (for the better deal I get).If I had to be a queen , I will be dress like a queen.
I won't show everyhting I already done.Many guess are going to see this.Last year we didn't do a party , it was the first time we break the tradition in 8 years.Now our guess will remind this one for a long time.Here is a few inside the preparations.

 At left the fabric for the turban of my honey , at right the royal blue fabric for my son.Both are thin sari fabric.
A costume isn't complete without  shoes .I found those black shoes (they actually remind me Aladin)on ebay for my honey.My first choice was gold and black but not available in the size I need from another seller.Those fit like a glove , in leather of high quality and handmade , 25$.
 Saris for decorations , red , orange and yellow are my main choice of color  for the party.
My first attempt of turban.There is hundred of video on the web and a plenty of manner and style to do it.I want something as close as possible of what is seen in the serie Rani.It not perfect but on the good way.This one will be for my son . I will practice a few times again.The butterfly are pins because it's very slippery on the head.
For the menu , it will be 9/10 indian food ,  the 1/10 being for those who would not like it.It won't be just a party but a travel in India.I want to make something very different this year and it will be.I will make all of the food (even if naan bread could be find at the grocery) because of the so many food allergy guests have.No nuts are allow so I have to be carefull.This picture is to show you how many spices and seasoning indian food required.This is only 1/2 of what I need.I do order a few things, will have to grow one and will send my honey in chinatown to find the rest and some for a lower price then the grocery store offer.
A few decorations I had this afternoon.Every free time is used for something that is connected with the party : decoration , costume , trying recipes etc...
I already spend at least 20 hours just for the food part , no joke.Looking and searching for recipes , make a selection , making a list of ingredients. I will try to test a max of recipes to adjust flavoring .This is a gift from my honey I received a few years ago : a tandoor baking plate.It's to make an imitation of the tandoori stone bake oven they have in India.It work pretty well.


This red and gold sari is ready to welcome the altar that is going to take place under it.On a small table a statue of Kali and Ganesh will take place with fresh flowers.

As you can see I did invest a lot of time in all the preparation.I think it will be an unforgetable evening .

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  1. you bought sarees to decorate? Wow! I can't wait to see the end result of all your hard work. I feel privileged to be a guest at your party.