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mardi 22 septembre 2009

Lord of the rings , part 1

Like many people in this world , I do enjoy seeing Lord of the ring become a movie .I have to admit that my favorite character is Eowyn , probably because at some point , I found something in her that is close to me. The first picture is the " refugee outfit " we saw in the two towers.I made this 3 years ago or very close of that.For the underdress , I choose indian cotton which is not expensive and very light.I had use mccall 8937(probably the first pattern I ever buy).There is silver metal eyelet at the wrist with little white cord.
The overdress is made of a mix of linen and was made with mccall3653.The side is lace and I'm pretty satisfy of the look it gave which is for me close of what we saw in the movie.The only thing I will suggest if you use this pattern is the neckline , mine was too much low so I add a small piece to correct that.It's not too bad at all but this mistake could be avoid.
From the house of healing (LOTR 3 The return of the king)the white dress wear by Eowyn.I had use a satin suede (very soft on the skin)and use a princess line pattern , the old good mccall 3663.The back is longer and touch the floor.Well there is nothing special about it but it make me feel like a princess in a pyjama.
This dress is a shame.I probably like it when I did it , but now I must admit I will probably not wear it .I have use mccall 3663 but simplicity have create a pattern that will probably easier and closer to the dress.The gold fabric is chinese brocade , panned velvet and satin with a floral design fo the lining inside the sleeve and the false skirt.To create the illusion of a skirt , a made a second front piece in the satin and open the first at the belly.So when you walk the illusion is good.
Why I can put that in the shamefully section , many reasons.1-It's too much shiny . 2-The fabric for the collar is too far of the original (from my point of view now). 3-It will be probably better to do a real skirt under the dress. 4-Did you saw this horrible seam in the sleeve ?I hate that so much.I was a beginner when I did that but if by a miracle someone had told me how to avoid this I will probably not hate that dress so much now.

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