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lundi 14 septembre 2009

English women

I promess to explain my costume of the Fête médiévales de St-Colombant I wore last week.

I did this costume last year for an event call Les Baltanes , an SCA activity organise by Le Havre des glaces a local group of Quebec city.

In the SCA , I'm suppose to be a scottish women from the year 880.Since it was my first activity , in the same time a weekend of camping and I have so little time to prepare costume for me (the biggest job was to do everything for my honey)meaning I didn't have time to do research.

I saw this dress on the cover(and page 208) of a book call Dress in anglo-saxon England by Gale R. Owen Crocker.I like the style which seem different from what I usually see , so I decided to try using a pattern I knew very well.

I use mccall 8937 .The underdress is a little gather at the neck and is made of linen.For the over dress , I use the same pattern except I made no sleeve and the front and back pieces are smaller ( there is no need of gather them). At the back , I had a big hood to get the same look (as much as possible)seen on the picture.The dress is made of linen , blue and white , two threads were use to make the fabric and it give a very nice look.

For accessoiries , I use a leather belt and proudly wear my torc and my fibulas and raven chain set buy from The Crafty celts.I say it  proudly because it's expensive and I do not have a lot of occassion to wear it.

What you saw at right which is partially hide is a bag in which I bring many bottle of water.The only missing thing for the costume is a pin or two to put the hood in place .With a very sunny day it's important to cover my head (and to be historic too)but I was so busy in the morning that I forgot the pin.So when I walk it never stay in place.

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