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mardi 8 septembre 2009

Transformations part 1

To transform something ordinary into something medieval-fantasy is easy and can be less expensive then you could imagine.

At left is a coat that reach the knee .At the beginning it was a coat(for the winter season)made of wool with a lining inside.My honey buy this use for 10$ but at home he realize the sleeve were too short .He ask me if I can do something with it.I decided to transform it in an elegant coat which can be use for LARP he was doing at the moment.

The process was not clear in my mind before I start but when I begin , it become clear.You should listen your instinct and intuition.I first remove the sleeve and cut the bottom to get a shorter lenght.To make it elegant I add a two tone of fur (silver and black)around the sleeve , the neck , in front and at the bottom.It does not close at the front since I have remove the buttonhole and this make the front smaller then the origin.By this way it can be put with anything and fastly remove at any moment .The cost of the coat was 10$ and the fur was a left over fabric but I do remember it was not expensive so I think 10$ is ok .That make a total of 20$ for this.Not expensive for something you wear for LARP during the weekend.I know the picture is not well , but I was very hurry.

The second is a pair of jeans , I think you all know what jeans looks like so I only take a close up of it.My cousin married two years ago and decided she want it medieval-fantasy.Many thousand of dollars were spend only for the costume and trust me , there was nothing that could not be done at home.Since we should be in costume , my honey does not want something he could not wear again.He already have a shirt , a cloak and an hat I made .

For the pant , he choose a pair of black jeans (cheap one for 10 or 20$).He put metal eyelet on each side of the leg ,52 to be exact.It was so long to do.The white and red trim (2$ ) were add because it was the color of the wedding.At medieval store a pair of pant does not start under 80-100$.For a pair of pant you will not wear very often , you save a lot.I want to add a precision , My honey did it alone and he's the one who had the idea .You'r a genius my love.

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