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dimanche 6 septembre 2009

News, gift and Fête médiévale de St-Colombant

Previously I was talking of the Fête médiévale de St-Colombant.We had a sunny day and it was fun to look at costume of people .I must confess I had laugh a few time when I saw the match of color or simply the style which is so ridiculous.

You can call medieval anything which have metal eyelet and lacing.Some people just don't realize what they are wearing .I know there is nothing historical in that festival it's fantasy but some people push a little too far .I'm really sorry if you feel offended by this but I think the word medieval is use with every kind of sauce and it become an hole anything and I hate that.

On an happier note I will try to post every monday.I do realize today if I do not like some picture and find them dizzy , it's maybe partially due to the fact that my camera is only 3.2 megapixel and is old.I want a new camera.If someone can be kind enough to explain me how I can put the pictures as I wish with blogspot , I will really appreciate.
At left is the newest member of the family , Midori , the sister of Whisky.Their mother was abandon during the winter.My parents had pitty for her and offer her some food and a shelter in the garage.They soon realize it was not a wild cat.She get pregnant (whisky is born in march)and pregnant again (Midori is born in july).This is what happend when you don't care of your cat and kick it out of the house.
I have decided to adopt Midori because she have a small tumor on the belly but the veterinary assure us it is not dangerous and can be easily remove .People rarely adopt a kitty if they thought his sick and need an operation .In fact it will cost no more than 50$ to safe her life .She is so nice and she deserve to find a good home .I could not let her die and I don't care if we are not suppose to have animal in our appartment.
Picture in the middle are a summer kimono and a cloak (the two pieces in the front are suppose to be cross but it didn't get a good look on the model)which are both gift from Gwenyver.I think the kimono was for my birthday and the clock for christmas.Both are beautiful and deserve to be shown.
The picture at right are me and my goddaughter (Gwenyver's daughter).She is so cute , when she saw me I always have a smile.The picture was taken yesterday at the Fête médiévale de St-Colombant near the river in the parking.I do enjoy this day with Gwenyver(the same one from the costumeholic blog I follow) and my goddaughter.There was mostly nothing new in the festival but it's not expensive and there is a lot of animation which is very interesting to see at least one time in your life.
For the costume I wear ,it's anglo-saxon .It was inspired by a picture from the book Dress in anglo-saxon England by Gale R. Owen-Crocker .The picture is on the cover and at page 208.More details about it are to come .

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  1. Indeed, the Yukata was your birthday gift for 2008 and the cloak was for Yule/Christmas 2007. By the way, I still have some of the yukata fabric leftover, so maybe next year, your goddaughter will have a maching dress.
    I do love your anglo-saxon outfit.