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mercredi 14 octobre 2009

Lord of the ring , part 2

Do you remeber when I said beginner should listen their instinct , try and make mistake?Here is a good exemple.My first attempt of the traveling coat of Eowyn.I have use mccall 3686, don't be surprise if you look on the web site of mccall , it's the pattern of a dress.

I choose a black boiled wool look with a two tone of black-silver fur with silver button.The result is a very tubular coat which gave the impression to come from the Gondor not Rohan(from my point of view).After a time of reflexion , I decided to modified it because I don't like it.
I put the coat on the model and carefully thought how I could change this disaster in something beautiful.I remove the sleeves , the fur and the buttons.I cut the neckline to get something a little lower.I cut the buttom in the front to get this round shape the original coat(I mean from the movie )have.I did a new pair of sleeve , bigger to have a V shape .Hopefully I always buy more fabric then I need .I choose a new fur , two tone of brown which I thought will looks far better and add new buttons (copper)to match with the fur.The result is beautiful and far better .I must said thanks to my mom who sew the fur with a lot of patience because it was very heavy and her sewing machine don't like that.All this modifications , no one told me how to do it or what will looks good.I just listen my instinct and did what I thought might be better.I think this is the LOTR costume I'm the most proud of it.

A few brooch and necklace I have.The biggest brooch , the S necklace and the red and gold are all gift of Gwenyver.The necklace at right gold and blue (lapis lazuli)is the one you do not see clearly on the picture of the dress below.I do apologize for the fuzzy picture but this costume is no longer in my possession so this is all it remain of it.It was made by an artisan of France but I can't remember his name(at least I know it was a man).
To be honest I do not remember exactly how I did this dress and the bustier with it.The dress is white made from a very thin fabric.The sleeve were modifed to be open at little before the elbow and shamefully there is a seam in the middle of it which give an horrible effect.

The bustier were made of a black suede with a gold trim.The back is lace with a suede cord and use this same cord to make loops to avoid metal eyelet.I do remember my mom did the loops on the back .

2 commentaires:

  1. Cool! I hadn't seen the new version of your coat.
    As for your necklace Eowyn, I remember we ordered it from Didier Cova at "Atelier des Elfes":

  2. Speaking of that red & gold necklace, I've always loved it, so I just bought it for myself (while buying my mom's Christmas gift).