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lundi 9 novembre 2009

Preservation of the family's heritage

The sewing machine of my grandmother is not the only thing I rescue from garbage , a few beautiful dress too.The black and white are from a travel .It have a brown spot on it .I will try to clean it but I really don't know what it is and what I should use because I don't want to dammage the fabric.

The purple was wear by my gran for the wedding of my godmother (her daugther)in 1981.The dress is very simple(a touch of lace on the top) with a lace's vest.I imagine gran wearing that and she was probably very chic.When I was child I saw this dress in the closet and I always been fascinated by the color but I never touch it .After all this year I finally did it.

Two other dress from a travel , Mexico,Guadeloupe or Venezuela ?She can't remember but it's ok they have more then 25 years. Both of them have an elastic at the neck and at the waist.

This one is probably my favorite.The color is a soft blue and the many layers give the impression it was made for an important occassion.A dress made for a princess (if you consider it probably have over 29 years old).I like the small cloak and there is a space to put arms on the side so it give a kind of sleeves.

Can you imagine those dress could finish their life in garbage ? A shame.

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  1. I wish my grandmothers had kept all their old dresses!

    I have a sudden urge to get all the 70's dresses my aunt gave me out from my mom's costuming bins and into my safe, capable hands (and my closet).