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lundi 18 janvier 2010

News treasures

My last treasures from my grandparents.
The blue box have the size of a small plate , too small to but an hat in but good enough to put my fasinator in security from my cats.The basket (with the lid )behind is in wicker and was handmade by my grandfather at least 30 years ago .The bag at right looks like leather but seem to me some kind of imitation.There is a zipper on the top and have a lining inside.
The purple dress have one missing sleeve.It can't be wear like this because the fabric is so transparent.I found little loops at waist which mean there was probably a belt to match with it.At left is a white shawl with embroided flowers.The fabric looks like polyester (G can probably identify better then me ).The fringes are made of wool and have turn yellow , I'm pretty sure it's knit because I recognise the design.
The white dress is very simple , polyester with black dot with a zipper on the back.The color is perfectly well.
The blue and gold dress , my favorite of all.For the first time , gran did not remove the label inside and after a discussion with her , she never wear it.The fabric(which have gold line hard to see on the picture )is 95% cotton and 5%lurex made in Greece sold in a store of Hawaï (Honolulu imports).The waist have some kind of false belt with gold embroidery and an elastic.Guess what?My grandparents did travel to Hawaï between 1987-1989 .The most beautiful thing in this : I fit in the dress.For the first time I can try one of those tiny dress my gran have .Trying this model of dress make me realize I look very well in it , but normally I will never try it because I was pretty sure I will look horrible in it.Now I know it's great.

Note:It doesn't matter if I fit in , the blue and gold dress like all other dress of gran will be put in a cover to protect them and to preserve them as long as possible like a priceless treasures. The purple dress was too small for the sewing dummy.

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  1. The turquoise dress is beautiful, and you're in luck: Ancient Greece inspired dresses are in fashion, and turquoise has been announced as THE colour of the season.