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lundi 14 juin 2010

Scottish characters

I always had a special attachment for Scotland probably due to a past life.When I have to choose a character for SCA event or when I go to medieval fair , Ichoose to be a scot and ask my honey to match with me.I like the IX century when Scotland get unify and the viking start being more present.A lot of action and story to imagine .It is hard to be sure what scottish people wore at that time so for myself it's mostly an attempt then historical .

First thing and important : the shoes.I was lucky because my friend Gwenyver did went to Pennsic , the SCA annual and major event.She buy for me those shoes(we wear the same size) for the seller Medieval moccassin .They are made of leather , very comfortable for a reasonable price.

My favorite picture of my honey and I.It was for the "fête médiévales de St-Colombant" three or four years ago.

My honey is wearing a white shirt and a kilt.His kilt is made of a single piece of wool and attach at the waist by a belt.He have to wrap himself in it but the look is great and the kilt have no  pleat like modern one.If you ask what is the blue tube you see , he hide a camel bag in is back.The kilt hide it perfectly.A mix of modern and old.
My hair is braid and is very similar to the picture you can see in the book: The wold of the celts by Simon James , p 65 picture of a british couple.I do wear my raven jewelry from crafty celts.

My outfit is made of four parts.I first wear a simple linen dress made from mccall 8937 .I did read somewhere a description of a clothing call an arisad .Unfortunately I was never able to find the exact one I read after I did the costume but it describe a pleat skirt with a sash to put on the shoulder , a feminine version of the kilt wore by men.
I do made a pleat skirt open on the side and attach by a copper button.On the side where the skirt finish , I put hook and eye(which give me the chance to remove the sash) and make a long sash.It start on the side , wrap around the waist , cross on the front , put on the shoulder and hang on the back.From what I read the sash can be use to cover the head of the wearer in case of rain or to bring young baby anywear.The skirt and the sash have the same width.

To complete the outfit I have a shawl made of the same fabric which is light wool.When I saw this fabric at the fabric store , I just love the color .I was lucky because it was 3m for the price of 1m.I buy 9m for a reasonable price (less then 50$).

I did promise to my honey one day I will make him a kilt with his colors if he have one.I did discover my honey have scottish blood .Anyway , he is so cute with this kind of costume.

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