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samedi 12 mars 2011

The compromise of style

Last sunday I had a three hours without electricity.My deadline to finish the costumes is march 28 . It's coming soon and there is a lot to do . To prove how much I'm working hard , I thought it will be nice to post this picture  showing that even in darkness , I found a way to continue .

I was ask to make a costume for an english soldier around 1650 like one you can see in the old movie Oliver Cromwell.I look a few times the movie on youtube but it was hard to say exactly what I should do.Without a sword , helmet and armour , it's hard to imagine a soldier.A few times in the movie you can see soldier which looks like musketeer.In people mind musketeer is associate to France.

To help me , I do try to make something like I saw in my book Historical costumes of England 1066-1968 by Nancy Bradfield.There is a few exemple of men of this period and it's a combination of those style I try to create.

I use fabric I already have.The front and back came from a shirt of my honey which was too tight for him.The collar and sleeve are leftover fabric I dye.Both fabrics are linen.

I use two differents fabrics to attempt to create the illusion of two layers , a shirt and something to wear over it.The collar of this time were wide and this one is very similar to one in the book.Some of the garment had button , some don't.I did use buttons I had but they are just a decoration because the front is close with velcro and a seam in the front without reason is not cute.

If the student had make a try of it when I start making the costume before I cut anything , I could probably avoid the buttons.He seems so afraid to came at my house even if it was just for 5-10minutes.I don't know what scare him the most : what people may say , to discover I have squeleton in the closet or something dead as a sacrifice on an altar for some voodoo ritual.He will never know.Did I mention he's also my co-worker?

The belt at the waist was no longer wear.To carry thier sword , men wear a belt at the shoulder.I guess the student will have at least a sword so I decided to make one just in case he will need it.I don't make it fancy and put an elastic inside for the sword which can be see on the picture.

I wish I could make an hat to go with it but I'm not sure if I will have time.Now the student can stop thinking he's going to have a squarre of fabric with an hole for the head.We make a lot of jokes about it.

Coming next : a medieval princess

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  1. Well did you actually get rid of the sacrifices on your altar? Plus, you know, you make him call you boss and yell at him. Ormaybe he saw your signature on the school mural, next to the pentagram, or your picture from the reunion, so he might be afraid.Just kindding.

    It looks good! You are doing a great job with the imposed colour theme.