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I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

lundi 28 février 2011

The normand tunic

This costume have been create for the character of a warrior normand from the year 500. At some point I' glad that historical accuracy is not so important because I don't have time to do important research , only quick  research.

For the design , I take the inspiration in the book  Hasting 1066 from  Heimdal edition which is made in collaboration with The association for living history.The tunic is made of wool flannel and have been dye in tea. I also make winnigas but I thought it doesn't need to be picture. Winnigas are straps wear over the pant which are cross on the front , it start from the ankle and stop under the knee.Historically they were made of leather or wool  with or without design on it.  Exemple of this can be seen on the Bayeux  tapestry.

For people who never did sewing , it can be hard to imagine the time involve in the process of  making a costume.This tunic is a good exemple.

I work with a pattern I knew  very well  mccall 3789. I cut the fabric three times to be sure it will not be too big .It is tricky because the tunic  have to be comfortable so not too tight ,  have to be easily removed but doesn't have to look  too big for the person who's going to wear  it and keep in mind it will be wear with a belt.

In the creation of the tunic there is many step. The choice of the fabric is important. I shall find the right and appropriate design for the costume, this is the quick research part. .Find a pattern I  have or  modify one to work with.Cutting the fabric  and cheking the measures to be sure it will fit to the futur  owner. Drawing and make the design on the sleeves and at the bottom of  the tunic. Finally sewing all the rest of the tunic .

It take + - 3 hours to draw and make the design .During the process I broke a double needle because of a tiny mistake . I did loose time because of that. I did not do the design on  the same day but on a few of them. You can add an average of  3 hours to complete the tunic for a total of 6 hours of work.

I think people should keep this in mind : in every costume , simple or complex , it does required time and a lot of work more then you can imagine.

Coming next : english soldier

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  1. Yay! English Soldier!!! That's me!

  2. I think it'smy favourite costume for the play up to now.

    I really have to get to thos costumes myself!