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lundi 21 février 2011

For a russian women

                                                    This costume belong to a student who's going to play a poor russian women.She must have a skirt and a blouse.To start the costume , I do receive this blouse and was ask to use it as much as possible.It required many modifications.

I did remove the shoulder padding , the fastening and the collar.The cut the blouse to make it shorter and adjust the sleeve.The central band you saw was the facing which I use to close 2/3 of the blouse.I use the collar and cut it to get something some high and more right.I did add a band of a different fabric to close the blouse on the side like russian men tunic.I use 3 of the 4 originals fastening .I finish it with a little tour in the dye made with tea.

The skirt is made of an imitation of linen.It's simply a four pannels skirt with a cord at the waist to adjust it.I know some people may say it doesn't looks like a russian outfit but the sutdent will also have a coat with this and it doesn't have to be historically correct.In any case it was made on the specifications I receive.

Thanks to my living model for the picture , my sewing dummy is too big for a small blouse like this.

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