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dimanche 20 février 2011

Costumes for theatre part 3

 For this costume , I start with piece that already exist.The chemise and the skirt were sleeping in the closet at my parent's house.I did not change the chemise , at the neck and at the arm there is a small cord which permit adjustment.I modify the skirt , the front had a red panel which I replace by a very similar fabric and remove the part which had lacing.Both pieces are made of linen mix.The apron is a false imitation of linen and the band had a velcro on the back.The pouches are made from leftover fabric I had and are tie with cord.This costume is suppose to be for a medieval women , none historical but have been made on the specification I receive.

 I do receive this dress and have been ask : Can you do something with it?Before saying no , I like to take the time to look carefully on it.Under this grandma dress I discover this:
 A white sleeveless dress.After the student try it , the dress can fit but she have difficulties to remove it ,  it was too tight.In the same time , it was a little too short  because she's going to wear legging under it.Every girl in the play are going to wear a tshirt and legging.There is no time to be shy with the guys.Here is what I've done.
 I first try to dye the dress in tea.I wasn't sure because it looks like synthetic but there was no tag to know it.The dye did not take very well but just enough to say it a pale beige and not white.I use a very light fabric I had to make a frill at the bottom.It will hide the legging.She's going to wear a tshirt under the dress , so I make a shawl to hide it but I did forget to take it in picture.It's the same fabric for the shawl and the frill.
For the too tight part , I add a band of fabric on the side just enough to be sure she will be comfortable in it.It will be close with velcro .The student can put on and off this dress very quickly.

Coming up this week : a normand men
                                   a russian women

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