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mardi 30 août 2011

Taking care of leather

Remember those shoes Gwenyver bring me from Pennsic a few years ago? It was such a good investment because I can wear it with many costumes I have.The point is , being made of leather , they required some care like any  leather accessoiries.

                                              My sweet Midori helping me with my shoes

Expose to water and heat , leather become dry and can possibly crack.To avoid it ,you must apply mink oil.I must admit the first time I was ready to put a black lacquer like those for shoes.Big mistake.Leather need hydratation that's why mink oil is so important.In fact , it's like a jelly and to compare it I will say it does looks like petroleum jelly.If you ask where to buy this , I buy mine at Wal-Mart in the shoes section .It's not a rare product and not expensive.

 A good layer of the oil must be apply and be left for at least 5 min.I personnally wait 15min.It's not complicated to apply it , the fun part is to remove it after that.You remove the excess with a cloth or with paper towels .Be very carefull because sometimes you don't realize you put it on yourself or on the table and on any place you don't want too.Sometimes mink oil can remove a little bit of the color , make a test before you use it.

I know it's hard to see but after this treatment , the leather is more soft , shiny and waterproof(or at least partially waterproof).At left it's before and right is after.The right shoe looks like a little more shiny but I can assure you it does work.I know it does required time to do but it really protect the leather and it will least much longer.I do this every year before going to the medieval festival.I should do it more then one time a year but for now it's enough.

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