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vendredi 5 octobre 2012

Designer : Jacques Doucet

I won't lie .I didn't find a lot of informations on this designer.I consider what  I do have is basic .Even if I didn't find answer to many questions  I must share my info on him.What he did is beautiful and need to be show.
 A gown made of silk and cotton , around 1880.

 A golden dress made of silk , around 1880.
Jacques Doucet was born in a well establish family in 1853.His family was running a business of lingerie since 1817.In 1870 , he open a couture department .From this moment the business take expension and will be know for the  meticulous quality of Jacques Doucet creations.
 A ball gown made of silk around 1898-1900.As you can see , his creations has  changing like fashion did.This gown have no sleeve and the neckline is very low.
 A ball gown made of silk around 1902.The dress may looks simple but what make the difference is all the details on it.
 An afternoon dress around 1903 , made of cotton and silk.
 A suit made of cotton around 1903-1906.
Doucet became famous for his extravagant dress and luxurious coat.He did have for client people from  the elite of the society from both Europe and  America as well as famous actress for that time.Doucet was establish in a well know capital of fashion : Paris.Things were going very good for him but fashion was not the only thing he like.
 An afternoon suit made of silk around 1904.
Doucet did have a real passion for art.The money he make from selling his creation was use to buy it.He did buy painting , sculpture , art and literature.A real collector of art.There is no doubt  that this passion did have  influence his creation of gown .His collection of art have been given to university.If you search for info on him , you will get the impression he's more know for his passion for art then clothing. 
 An example of a luxurious coat.This one  is for the evening and is  made of silk with fur , around 1910.
An ensemble made of silk and wool around 1920-1923.
Jacques Doucet main work are at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th cenury.He die in 1929  at 76 years old.He stay in history as one of the finest french couturier for the Belle époque era.
I wish I could talk more about him but thats all I found on him.I do have many questions with no answer .This article may benefit of an update in the futur .If you do have a reference ,book or web , which can bring more info about him don't be shy to share.I will be happy to read it and share .

To know where my pictures are from , look at the post museum.I take my pictures from this list.Those are from the Met and Victoria and Albert.

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