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lundi 8 octobre 2012

The basic of corset building

The basic of corset building : a handbook  for beginners by Linda Sparks , 77 pages

Many costumers seem scare by making corset and don't make them or choose to buy one.On the opposite , other are making some with great success.I buy this book many month ago to hope I will not be in the first category .It's not that much complicated , it just take time.

What I like

It's easy to read and to understand.Explanations are clear .
At the end of the book there is a glossary of term in case you don't know or remember what it is.
A small book mean unexpensive.
It provide a good basis on corset making touching every aspect: material,building and fitting.
Learning the basic like that and you won't be so afraid of corset.

What I didn't like

Black and white.If you show me differents corsets in differents fabrics I expect the pictures to be in color , black and white is dull.

It doesn't focus or talk of any specific era of corset which mean you can't see the differences between them .

The material present is modern , do not expect to learn about period or reproduction corset and the way they are made.

I know the book is suppose to be a basic learning but for me , it seem a little incomplete .

Do I recommend it ? Yes I do because it's interesting.Corset making seem much more simple then we could imagine.I suggest the book as a first reading for someone who never did corset but more reading and research will at some point a nessecity.

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