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jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Designer :Jeanne Lanvin

Designer :Jeanne Lanvin 1867-1946
A model of dress around 1916.
When I did start searching for information about this designer , I was really amaze to learn the Lanvin house still exist today.Old couture house rarely survive to time and war .
A silk , feather and willow hat around 1917.
Jeanne Lanvin is born in 1867 in Paris(France) from a poor family.At thirteen years old she was already working ,she was making hat.She will later open a small shop .
Jolibois dress made of silk with embroidery around 1922-1923.
In 1896 she did married and had a daughter , Marguerite Marie Blanche.She start making clothing for her.Shortly client ask to have what they saw .This is how she truly jump into fashion.People appreciate what they saw and ask to get it .
An evening ensemble around 1923.
The design of Lanvin is simple : making dress with style which could fit women of all age.That may sound easy but it's not .She will  success.In 1908 she start a child clothing department.In 1909 ,it's a department for young ladies and women which open.It won't take long for  the house to become part of the elite of couture house.
Robe de style  around 1926-1927.
The years of 1920 will bring many changes.The house take expansion. They now offer  lingerie, men's wear , household good , perfume and fur to their client.In 1926 , Jeanne Lanvin receive the honnor of being named Chevalier of the french.
An evening wrap with fur around 1929.
Many designer had problem with copier even if there is law to protect their work.To be sure no one could copy the color they use , in 1923 ,  the house open a dye factory in Nanterre.They want their colors to be very exclusive.They also create the blue lanvin , pink polignac and green velasquez. 
An evening dress made of silk taffeta around 1930.
The house of Lanvin participate to the exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels in 1925.The same year , the house offer is first perfume call My sin. In 1927 another perfume appear on the market : Arpège.
Evening dress inspired by the houpelande of the middle age . The color of this dress is the famous lanvin blue made by the dye factory the house own.Made around 1934-1935.
Another evening dress in white silk , around 1937.
As you could see , most pictures I choose are evening dress.They have a simple style and all the elegance they needed.I think it gave a good idea of the kind of work Lanvin did.
The  cyclone dress around 1939.
Now the big question : how the house of Lanvin survive ? Many other big name did not and were sold so what is the secret. I think there is three majors reasons .
1-The style. Lanvin was not exotic or so so much luxurious .It was more classic and elegant.Making clothing for a larger public  and also offer more product surely help.The potential client was not limited to a very small group.
2- The way the house is run. A good , scrupulous  and attentive management is very important.The last member of the Lanvin family who participate in the fonctionnement of the house was in the 1989 as a designer.Surely preserving your family heritage push you to surpass your limit and do your best.Personnally it's something I will do.

3-Quality and standard.If you sell something of quality it have to stay this way.An example of what I mean is if for some reason you have difficulties,you should not change the type of fabric like silk for a cheap look of silk.Maintain a standard and an non changing quality is essential.

With years the house had knew many hands and had been sold a few times.Today the house mainly focus on prête à porter clothing and still continue to offer many other product.Of course it's not accessible to every budget.If you visit the web site of Lanvin house , you could see many pictures and some historical video showing the founder of the house Jeanne Lanvin.Take a look , you may found inspiration.

Pictures from the Met museum

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