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jeudi 20 décembre 2012

ideas to use leftover fabric

You know I hate to put leftover fabric in the garbage . I hate waste even if sometimes I'm not the best example.I'm always looking for an idea to use it and recently I found something nice.Thanks to my son for that.
It's a fact , baby like to touch and feel texture in their hand.They also love colors.With time and years I accumulate a lot of leftover and I do have a plenty of color and texture .I propose to do a blanket for the littles hands.
Step one : choose a fabric for the background.If you choose a bright color , the piece should be more dark to create a constrat of color.A dark background with pale piece.Keep in mind the blanket is going to be put on the floor, you can buy something heavy to put under it if it's for a gift to make sure baby is going to be comfortable.
At left my background which is 1m X 1m of cotton with 36 pieces of well know forms from differents fabrics.I had satin , wool , flannel , velvet , suede , linen etc.

Step two : place the shape on the blanket and pin it .It gave a good idea if you have enough piece and how it looks.You can also create theme.Make sure the pieces will be well sew and won't be easily remove my a little hand.

I wish I had a blanket like that for my son.I'm 100% sure he could like that.I never saw something similar at Walt Mart or in any other shop.It make a unic gift much appreciate.This one was more a test and when finish it will be given to charity.

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