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jeudi 24 janvier 2013

When passion become obsession: corset training

Corset seem to me a never ending subject.Serious costumer wear one to get the right silhouette of a period .It's normal and totally ok.But what happend if someone decided to wear a corset to reduce the waist to get a better silhouette in costume?Where is the line between passion for something and obsession ?

I realize recently that some costumer do corset training.Corset training is wearing a corset to reduce the waist by slowly lacing it more tight on a period until you get the expect result.Done slowly on a long peiod it is not painfull and change the shape of the body.Doing corset training is one thing but saying that you do it to get a better , perfect or improve your silhouette to look better in historical costume is really something else to me.I was really shock to see people doing that , the first words my honey says is totally crazy.

For me , forcing your body to such a changement is definitively a way to cross the line.I know everyone have a different limit.Where is the limit between passion and obsession , because as a costumer I know I invest a lot of time and money in my passion .Other can do a different investment but please let them realize they are just a little crazy to do that.It does have bad effect on the body even if some source are saying it is not a danger for health.By simple observation and deduction you could understand that.

I do a few search over the web and realize that some people think corset training can help you to loose weight.That's totally ridiculous .The fat does not dissapear just transfer to somewhere else.Seriously they won't try to create every kind of diet if all you have to do is wearing a corset?

If the fat moove , you vital organ can moove too.I discover a women who have the world guiness record for the smallest waist( living person) which is 15 inch.You can have on her web site x-rays of before and after her training.She have to wear her corset day and night.That's the perfect example of extreme and I hope I will never met someone .

I found this picture that show how the organ moove in the body.At left is with the corset training.See how they are place. By the position of the lung , I can say you can't breath at 100% .If you look carefully on the x-rays of Cathie Jung (the women mention before with the record) , her spine have been affect .Our  body have not made to live like that , it has the capacity to adaptation  but we are suppose to be like the right picture.So who can say it is no danger , no bad effect on health ?

  Corset training and the tight lacing required to reduce the waist did not stop when you achieve the waist you want.To maintain the lost of inches , the corset must be regularly wear or the body will be back to what it was.If today we wear modern bra it's for a good reason.Deliberately forcing your body to change only to get a better look in your costume is for me unhealthy , silly and crazy.I do respect the choice of those who do it but I think they are a little crazy .It could also be a form of dismorphism , people who did not like how  their body look.
I do not approve the practice in any way but I am fully conscious that other may accept it at some or different degree.It's a delicate subject.If you know anyone who want to try it , even for a few inches, force them to read about the subject and to know the consequenses of it.For now , I'm not ready to abandon my bra for a corset , and you ?

2 commentaires:

  1. Well actually, I was thinking of making an Edwardian corset an wearing it on a regular basis to flatten my stomach and look better in my clothes; a lacing version of the modern body shaper.

    But I agree that changing your body shape to fit with one aspect of a hobby seems like going too far. I knew someone who plucked her eyebrows completely to get the proper look for an historical costume, and I thought her crazy too.

  2. Dear Nancy,
    I know the costumer you are talking about who is now doing that waist training thing, and I agree with you 100%! How absolutely silly and ridiculous!
    'Insecure' and 'immature' are descriptions that come to mind, and I agree with your honey---"totally crazy".
    Too bad she doesn't have more important and worthwhile things to concern herself with.