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lundi 29 juillet 2013

The costuming picnic

For the picnic we had a beautiful and sunny day.Well , things don't turn exactly like I thought it would be but it's done now it was fun so that's all matter.
We were ready to leave but our friend  was late.I wasn't able to reach her so I left home later then I should.We didn't knew if this friend will come or not so I bring all the stuff with me and my son.My honey stay behind and wait for her.
Both parking next to the park were full because this year there is a public market at the beginning of the park.With one hand I controlled the stroller and with the other hand I bring the heavy basket , yes it was heavy.I have to walk what seem  a long distance under a hot sun.I arrive to the park completely exhausted.
My honey and our friend arrive not so far behind me because I spend so much time trying to find a parking place.This year I must admit I didn't take a lot of pictures.I guess I was too tired.

Me and my little pirate . As a indian women or bride , I was wearing a sari with most of the wedding  jewelry set.Well I didn't do anything in this costume I buy it for a low price.I do have a beautiful picture of my pirate honey but he ask to not post .My son has a lot of fun with my goddaughter ,she take care of him like he was her brother.

Our goddess friend M. A few of my co-worker saw her from the back and thought it was me because she was with my honey.Her hair is lighter then mine but we mostly have the same size.They all told me how nice my dress was and all the blabla stuff.It's funny to see they don't saw the difference between us.Maybe I could hired her as a twin .
The heavy basket I talk about.With food and a few bottles of water and juices and it become heavy to carry.On saturday morning my arms were hurting badly.Now it's  ok.

The after picnic isn't great.My arms will probably continue to hurt for a few days.My ears are hurting too  because the earrings were heavy .Right now I try to avoid a minor infection .My sari ,which I receive two weeks ago ,  have holes in it which probably happend during the picnic  along with a few dammages I notice on saturday.At the end of the picnic kids and adults were tired.I did go to bed when I arrive at home.

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  1. You all look great! Wish we could have seen your honey too. We love picnics, especially costume ones! I hope you all had a great time!