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vendredi 16 août 2013

Preparation for the picnic

I realize I didn't post anything about the costumes preparations for the picnic we done in july.So here we are with close-up and more details of it.
For my son
A white t-shirt and a pair of gray short I already have.The green scarf I wrap at his waist only for the picture.It was a hot and shiny day so I thought it wasn't a necessity.His hat was a straw I fold to make a tricorn.
For my honey
He used what he have and just buy a few accessoiries , mostly necklace and an orange scarf wrap at the waist .Hee already have a tricorn so real easy.The truth is he didn't enjoy much costuming.He came with us because he know how much I want him to join us and our son like his daddy to be present.
For myself
I was in vacation in july and somewhere during the summer it was my birthday.I knew I didn't have time to sew and not much motivation for it.I thought a sari would be a good idea.I found it on ebay for 8,99$.The  seller also have jewelry  so I buy both at the same place to make sure I will receive it at time.
 The complete kit of jewelry , red and gold for 40$ .Two necklaces, two bracelets with rings (not show),a pair of earrings , a matha patti (head piece) and a nath (ring nose).Similar kit could be sold for 150$ but if you take time to search you will find less expensive like mine.
 A side view .The earrings have a chain and I assume it have to be attached to the head piece.Anyway I really don't know where else to clip it.The earrings are heavy , attached to the head piece it help to relieve the weight.
 The sari.You know when it's written the color may not be exact as the picture , that's a good example.With time and search I realize in India maroon  is more a red-dark pink then the brown reddish I expect.On the picture it was really  like brown .I was a bit dissapointed but accept it because I receive it one week before the event.I order the petticoat(skirt)to go with it and the choli(blouse or top).It take a month to receive my order so it was too late to complain.The standard petticoat was tight but I could fit in.You really need a petticoat to wear under the sari because some fabric a sheer.
A dark pink art silk is still sheer.You can see my hand under the fabric .When you take the option custom choli , they cut the sari to make it.The lenght of a sari is mostly standard to 6 yards-5.3metres.When you buy a sari , the unstitch blouse mention is only a square of fabric you can use to make the blouse.Many people make the mistake to believe it's a blouse already make you just have to adjust.After cutting my sari , I now have 4,8metres which is a little too short.For a plus size women 5,3 metres could be just enough or not enough depending on how you choose to wrap the sari.The best will be a 9 yards sari but I can tell you they are hard to find and you don't have a lot of choice.

The color wans't the best , it wasn't perfect but we all enjoy the event and we had a shinny day.It is not possible to ask for more.

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