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lundi 19 août 2013

About sari / saree

I did spend a lot of time shopping for sari and I thought I could share with you lot of adress and things to know about it.Sari can be also spell like this saree.From comment I heard and read , most people are misinform about sari .Here is a few things to know and place to shop.

By definition , a sari is a three pieces outfit traditionally wear by indian women.

Part 1 the choli.The choli is a blouse with short or long sleeve , the lenght also depend of the area of India.Close at the front and have a tight fitting.Some curvy women may not be comfortable showing too much skin (which you ssaw most of the time).Simply wear it longer.

Part 2 the petticoat. The petticoat is a kind of A skirt .Most of the time they are made of cotton and have a drawstring at the waist.If you buy a sari that comes with a pettiocat be aware that it is a standard size which is small or x small.A custom fitting is always best and sometimes not expensive , 15 $ or less.If the fabric is not sheer you can also wear a pant or short but it won't give the real feeling .

Part 3 the sari. The sari is a great rectangle of fabric wrap around the body.It could be made of silk , art silk , net , chiffon , georgette ,cotton etc.Some area in India have specific design and every place have a speciality.The standard size of a sari is 6 yards + - 5,4 metres .Some are longer , 9 yards , but are harder to find and offer less choice.Sari offer all the colors and design you can imagine , it's a question of taste.The pallu is the end of the sari and always have more decoration or design on it  as it is suppose to be show .There is hundred of way to wear a sari .I do like this site which offer a lot of video on how to wear a saree.Be aware that saree may come with no finish at the edge and required that you do one because it could fray and look better.

Unstitch blouse
Many sari are sold with the mention unstitch blouse.Please know an unstitch blouse is not a blouse at all.It's a rectangle of fabric , in general at the beginning of the sari , which could be used to make a blouse.It's sometimes a matching fabric with the color of the sari and not necessarily the same as the sari.Many people believe it's a blouse already made and you just have to adjust it.Big mistake but most seller did not clearly explain what it is so it's easy to do it.

Where to shop

Ebay is always a first stop.Most sari (well to not say all)are from India.Take the time to check how long it take for the seller to ship,the type of fabric and the possible quality it may have , if he offer choli or petticoat custom depending of what you need.To reach north America it can take easily 2 weeks.Even if it is not indicate , most seller offer custom options if you ask them.If you buy more then one sari , some seller can offer a discount but you will have to ask to get it.I think the key is communication with seller on ebay.They will gladly answer and like I said , even if it's not written you ask and they probably can do it.Be carefull and take the time to read.I did buy from many differents sellers and always receive a good service and communication with them.

Web shop from India
There is many  shops from which you can buy sari directly from India.Sometimes the price can be in roupies .Again , many indications can be missing .Send an email and ask.There is nothing like communications.Here is a just a fews I did look at.
Indian selections - You may saw this name on which offer art silk saree.Buy directly from them is less expensive and offer customs options. / Utsav fashion - As far as I can see they have the same thing.Utsav fashion offer better deal like discount price and free shipping.Compare the same item you wish before buying it.

Sari dhoti
Pachaiyappa's silk  - One of the rare who offer 9 yards silk saree.
The Chennail silks

I hope my little guide will help you to shop better .If you have any recommendations to improve it , please feel free to email me about it.Enjoy your next shopping.

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