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samedi 2 novembre 2013

Hallowen part 1/3

I will start my first of 3 posts with the costumes of my honey and son.As you know , if you had read about the preparations , India was the theme I choose and the excellent serie Rani was a great inspiration.Let me show you a little of this inspirations and the result.
 Jewelry that probably belong to a maharajah .I think this picture was used for an exposition that take place in Toronto a few years ago , I'm not sure.I think the jewel are from the V&A museum.Indian maharajah loves jewels.
 Ok I'm not a fan of not giving credit for a picture but I found this one on the web.Clearly it was during the production of the serie in 2011.It might came from Productions son et lumière.This outfit could be seen in episode 6 .Most of the raja outfit are clearly made of three main pieces , a pant , some kind of coat and something under the coat which we never see entirely.
Olivier Sitruk and Mylène Jampanoi in the serie Rani .
Another type of raja outfit.The top of this one is one piece with a belt .I do hesitate a long time before decided which style I prefer .I finally choose style no 1 but at the end this would have been easier.
 I choose a light blue of the turban of my honey and a brooch I found on ebay.Not the exact thing from the museum but somehow similar.The fabric is a artificial silk , really thin and delicate like a veil.
 If you don't know yet , my honey does not want to see his picture on my blog and the blurry face you can do with photoshop is not enough.I choose a black art silk saree not the same type of the turban.The border is seen on the sleeves and at the front.I used the pallu  which is the decorative end of the saree  to make like a stomacher .It is attach with snaps on the sides .I had no time to make a more elaborate piece under the coat.
 Remember the first attempt of the turban for my son.I realize at that moment it wasn't design to be put on and then remove.You put it on and it must stay on.
 The second attempt.You will agree like me it does looks so much worst.I thought if I fix it with a fews points here and there I could remove it.It looks so horrible I do need to take the picture of it.It's the proof that we can't learn something new and succeed at the first try.
 Third attempt , a success.Remember one side should be higher then the other and it should look good on every side.I used a gold thread and fix it so it could be remove from the foam head and be wear.Like the turban of my honey , it is made from a saree + - 5.3metres.
The costume made from a saree too in royal blue with gold border.The front closer is a part of the border I used.It's close with snaps , those you could found for the making of baby clothing .The fabric is too delicate even if I used cotton to lined it.
Not the best picture but still it gave a good idea of the final result.It's really hard to take a picture of my son and not get something blurry , he ALWAYS moove .

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