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dimanche 3 novembre 2013

Halloween part 2/3

If you do not wear much bling bling , wearing a saree is pretty much simple as long as you know how to wrap it.Even if I was a maharani or rani (queen) , I did not wear too much jewelry because I knew I had to cook and handle food .
 A close-up of the  necklace.It's part of a kit I buy months ago.I like the crescent monn shape and the flower that remind the sun.

 The matha patti (head piece) and the earings.At the end I choose to not wear it and replace it with the red dot .Depending who you ask about the meaning of it , it's for the married women or a sign of devotion to hinduism.I used the dura body liner from Temptu .It's like a temporary ink and can last for a few days.I knew this product but I had to order it from Silly farm in the US because no one in my own province sell it.I did ask different shop about it and some people told me it don't exist.
 The slaves bracelets that goes with the kit.Not practical for cooking.I replace it with a set of 10 gold bangles from ebay.
 Each costume have shoes to match with.It wasn't my first choice but this is what the ebay seller send me .The communication with him was difficult.For having order another pair of shoes from India , I can tell you they are made more narrow then what is done for us in North America.Hopefully this pair is made of leather.At the first try it was too tight but after a few hours they became more comfortable.The picture did not show them perfectly.The leather is cover with a thin gold fabric which is embroided with beads and make a flower design.
 When I was searching for indian jewelry , I found this type of jewelry specifically design to be put in a braid.I do have long hair and making a braid help me to make sure that my hair was not going into the food.It's gold with pearl , it gave a very nice result.
 If you want to feel like a queen , dress like a queen.I do hesitate because the saree was 160$ .The site from where I purchase it (Utsav fashion) was saying it take 21 days before they ship it and add 5 days because I want the custom petitcoat.Well if you want something take take 25 days before they ship it , you can't decided at the last moment.It's pure mysore silk with a gold border.
It was much quicker then 25 days and I have no regret even if I had a 49$ to pay at arrival for customs fees.This saree is like the 8 wonders of the world in my hand.I never , ever , purchase silk before.Today I look at the web site .I was curious to see which other color I could get in the futur and surprise , this saree was sold out.If I had any regret they dissapear .
When I put my choli , I had a tear in the sleeve so I change it for a black t-shirt.You can see the bangle , the necklace and pearl earring to match with the hair jewelry.As you could guess , I'm not the one who take the picture.My honey seem to suddenly have the parkinson , he was unable to take a picture without shaking so it's why it is a little blurry.Simple but elegeant .

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  1. Tu es MA-GNI-FIQUE! Et le truc pour la tresse, quelle trouvaille! C'était tout indiqué pour toi.