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lundi 4 novembre 2013

Halloween part 3 of 3

For the 31 , I did had a lot of candy in case we had a few kinds knocking at the door.I thought even if we live in a building , there is many kids living in but none of them come.Let's talk about our annual evening that was on the 26.
Well our annual halloween evening was not like I expected it at all.I said to my honey by breaking the tradition last year and not making it , it bring some kind of bad bad luck.We were expecting 7 guess and 3 childs , only 3 guests show up.I had a tear in my choli when I put it , my son can't wear his costume at the day care  because it is too much damage after only a few hours.Nothing that can help me to feel better.
Some of the absent send mail or call 1 hour before to say they were not coming and the other just never gave any sign of being alive even now week later.Emergency at last moment happend you can't do anything about it.
I won't lie and says I wasn't dissapointed because I was really really dissapointed.It take me an entire week  to accept it. I did make food for all the guest I was expecting : 2 salads , 7 appetizers , 4 mains courses , 2 types of bread and 3 desserts.A lot of what remain did goes in my freezer or eat it .If I knew we were going to have less people , I would had make less quantity of food.
Working to create an indian  menu take me 40 hours of works and I'm not joking.In case some guest could come at the last moment , I avoid all the things that people have allergy with it , 7 types .Searching for recipes , trying them and trying again because I failed , finding ingredients and make eveything.Add to this  a good 40 hours for the planification , shopping , cleaning ,decoration and costumes.
 Fresh and dry spices I need to cook , some are not available at the grocery . I make my own blend for chaat masala and garam masala.
 This is what was in gift bag I made for the kid: a plastic cup that make lights , a glow stick with a bat or pumkin and a pumkin that make light when you press the button.Only my son enjoy it.
 The ceiling of our evening room decorate with yellow- orange paper garland and yellow and red lantern.We had a few halloween garland you can see them on the back.
 To add a touch of light , I put a false tea light in each lantern.It produce a soft light and no heat so there is no danger of fire .We close them before going to sleep.That could be found at Wal Mart or dollar store.
 The table where I put everything .I cover it with a mustard saree which looks like more orange to me.It match perfectly.The flowers you saw on the table are a gift from my honey to thanks me for all I have done , which is mostly cleaning the appartment from 8am to 5pm the day beofre the evening.
We had another table used as an altar with a statue of Kali with 3 falses candles and freshs flowers petals as an offering to her.I do regret to not have a statue of Ganesh .We had many other decorations but I think I show what was more interesting.

My honey told me he could possibly organise everything for next year.I have serious doubt about it.I told him I'm not sure I want to organise something next year.Last year was the first time we break the tradition .This year I try to offer something more special but to me it's not a big success.I did not work full time now and this is why I had so much time I could put in. Right now I'm not sure I want to invest so much time in the futur.I must think about it .All I can do is to thank our 3 guests for coming and avoid me a total failure.

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  1. Everything looks great! I'm really sorry I had to cancel at the last minute, sick kids and all. I know you understand, but I am really sorry I had to miss it.

  2. And the reason things went so wrong is MERCURY WAS IN RETROGRADE!!!