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mercredi 10 juin 2015

Layer no 2 to be complete : a pair of embroided drawer

After the camicia , the second layer I did start but not finish is a pair of drawer.I did wish to make the drawer extraordinary with full of embroidery but time as played against me .I realize with what I want to do it will take at least 40h only for the embroidery part .I really like my design and prefer to make a basic thing for the challenge and complete the real thing later.

The following picture is found in the book Moda a Firenze , one of my other inspiration can be found in the book Pattern of fashion 4 by Janet Arnold.

Differents designs I draw on a piece of linen to get an idea of what the design can looks like.It was hard to choose , many were interesting.

My final choice in progress

Here is a picture of the progress
For the shape of the piece , the pattern itself , I look in Pattern of fashion 4.The pieces are easy to do but I must admit my biggest issue was this triangular piece you see at right.Black and white picture doesn't help to see clearly.I know I know.This may sound really silly to many of you but I never done drawers before.
After a try , I realize where it should go.The triangular piece goes between the leg.Surprise.I personally found it gave more freedom of movement but even without it , it's ok.

A look on what other costumer have done bring this conclusion: most women don't make the triangular piece.You can argue it's more appropriate for men but still example in museum have it.I also assume it is more comfortable when you do horse riding but women probably do horse riding in amazon style.Anyway , to respect authenticity as much as possible , I made the triangle piece.
To close the drawer , I decided to make a matching button using the same silk.For the technical of covering a wooden button , I saw it in the book The Tudors tailors by Jane Malcom Davis ans Ninya Mikhaila.To make thing easier , I put bee wax on the silk.
The result is less shiny and a little less beautiful.As a first try I think it's good anyway.I think next time the wax will go in the middle of the button so it won't damage the silk .

Fact to know about the drawer:
Fabric: Linen from William Booth draper
Thread: blue silk
Embroidery: by hand
Time invest in it: 15h

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