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mardi 20 avril 2010

A new bedroom

An other transformation of a room , but this time with more budget.The first picture is before.I always wish to have a medieval bedroom with the canopy bed but until I buy a house I really can't.

The description of the room before is short.The curtain is very opaque and blue is the major color which give a dark room.

I wish to transform the room in something that will remind the orient specially India and Thaïland.I choose red as the major color mostly because I like it and it represent love , passion and fire.

First step : I buy a new bed.After 10 years of good and loyal service the old one will be recycle.The new bed is so comfortable and my back stop hurting every morning.

I made new curtain from a cheap coton , I know the sun will change the color with time and years but it wasn't expensive .In fact it's 2 curtains(yes it's normal you see only one on the picture) and it's less opaque.I like to see the sun in the morning.Both have some kind of false jewelry to attach them.

All the pillows and blankets are red , orange or gold to match together.I have a small blanket on the bed with a special design that remind me exactly what I want. I choose all other color to match with it .If you'r planing buying sheet made of percale , it catch all dust , fiber and everything it can.It's terrible. The picture below is a close up of the blanket.

On both side of the bed we have a small bedside(in wood) with a lamp.The lamp came from my gran.My mom take it when she move in case I wish to have it.Mom told me gran had it since she was a young girl so it mean the lamp have at least 40 years old.The base is a marble squarre with a character half naked that lift up his arms to hold scrolls.There is also false red jewelry on it and the top is red with a touch of gold.After a clean up , my honey realise the character was not dark gold , it's a very light tone of gold.Guess what ?Gran never clean them.My honey also did a reparation to be sure the lamp are safe to use.

Over the bed , attach to the ceiling , we have a canopy.I do not know the exact name for it in french it's call "un ciel de lit ou daie de lit".In fact , it's a net you hang over your bed and it can be open( like the picture and mine are fix to the wall )or close all around your bed.Mostly it's sold in pink and pastel color for 20-30$.I wish I found one red.It was something I already have since a long time.I don't know why but when it's close around the bed , I have the impression I saw that in an old movie where the action was in India.
If I burn incense , the result is great and I'm pretty satisfy of it but not entirely.I want to paint something on the wall.

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  1. Wow! Contrary to your 60's lodge Living room, I love your bedroom. That brocade in magnificient. Where did you get it? Even before I read the description, I thought India, so you achieved the right look!