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lundi 3 mai 2010

The butterfly's dress

Fabricville did organise a contest to celebrate is fourty years which ends april 30.At the beginning I did not wish to participate.There is nothing I hate more to sew and have a deadline.

My honey try to convince me I should participate so one month before the end (the contest last for four months)I decided to try.A look on the web site of fabricville convince me I can do better then what I see.My dear friend G participate too but at the begining she did not want to win just to be see because she's trying to find a new job and it's not so easy.Hopefully she change her mind and did a great project.My goal was to win the first price which include a sewing machine and an overlock machine.I have both of them but I wish to give the overlock to my mom.The sewing machine will be Gwenyver birthday gift if I win.I will be more then happy with the rest of the first price but I do hope people around me can enjoy it too.The pictures were sent with me in the dress but I wish to show you the dress alone because it wasn't made to fit for myself but for someone wearing a size 12-14.Finally the dress is a size 16 .Here is my project.

I want to make a dress for a special occasion , something that will be bright, luminous , hot colours to repersent the passionI have for this project.I put an average of 20 hours of work on it.Until the end , I always believe in my project and thought I could win (there is 4 prices).

I first buy all the fabric I need and knew exactly what I want to do and how.After I do a sketch to get a better idea and see if there is something I will need to change or ameliorate.I use 2.4m of extensible yellow satin , 0.5 of lining for the inside of the bodice , 1.5m of lazer the pieces at the shoulders , 2m of satin ribbon for the lacing in the back , 3m of red lamire,2m of dark orange lamire , 1.25m of light orange lamire and 1m of gold lazer.

I did the pattern myself , no commercial .I take a look on my gran dress and thought I could do the top similar , making the skirt part being more easy.So I did make a base .For the shoulder there si four pieces which have a flower's petal form and are attach by a bow.The bodice have three butterflys embroided which are orange and red to remember the color of the skirt.

For the skirt part I wish to have diffrents layers and give an aspect of lightness.Each layer have different lengt and finish in a point at the back .They are made of a single piece .On each layer I add pale yellow pearl drop which are hand sew and the edge have a picot finish.I let the front open to see the underskirt but I think I could be better if the front make a V shape and not a rectangle like I did.I also made a red scarf made from the same red lamire fabric(not see on the picture).

I think I really excel .It was the first time I made a pattern , make an evening gown and work so hard during a long time(min of 20 hours).Now I have to wait to see if all the efforts I did will be reward.The winner will be announce may12.

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  1. I'm glad I get to see close-up pics now! It looks very colourful, a nice change from your usual black (:P).

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the results will only be announced on May 26: apparently there were more entries than they had expected and they want to give everyone a fair chance at being judged.