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lundi 31 mai 2010

A medieval wedding

.Recently my good friend Gwenyver remind me that I never show her the dress I was wearing for the wedding of someone of my family (I will not name this person )for which I was bridesmaid .The wedding was medieval inspiration .It was in september and it was cold.After the ceremony when we were taking pictures .I was so cold I couldn't stop shaking .It's funny to remember nobody care about this , smile it's all they want .They don't care if you get sick , pictures first.It was not says but the message was clear.

By the way , I will not and will never post any picture of me in this dress since I just looks like a chick with too much makeup.If I ever met the lady who did my makeup or if she ever read this !?/&* .If I ask for a minimum of makeup it's because I told you it will be itchy for me doesn't matter how hypoallergenic your makeup is.Guess what I was right , it itch all the day and  I want to thank you for that.

I would like to say the same compliment to the hairdresser.YOU ARE A SHAME FOR YOUR PROFESSION.I never thought I could met someone stupid enough to not be able to make the difference between humidity and grease.I wash my hair the evening before I go to sleep so it was humidity.Next time you want to insult people , at least smile and stop complaining about something that was in your head bitch.

The dress is polyester ,well it does looks like silk but it's not .As you can see the dress have no sleeve and is lace in front and back with a white cord available in any fabric store.I have glove for my arms and a small pouch which have difficulty to fit even a small wallet. I had a small cloak that reach the shoulder , made of a simple layer of velvet and do not help with the cold time.

When I make the first try of the dress I had to ask the dressmaker a few changements.First to add a pair of loop in the back and in the front because this kind of dress doesn't make me looks very pretty specially in the front which give the impression of having a huge belly.The other thing was to add seam on each side of the back piece to give a better result ."OH! The responsible dressmaker did not do it but it will be done don't worry about such detail".This is the answer I get.

I want to say this dress was made by a professional .Well personally I think I shouldn't say to a professional what to do to help a customer to feel good .When a customer buy for $$$$$$ of clothing at least you should act like a professional .

Custom made.What is the meaning of it and I want opinion on that.My point of view : made on specifications of the customer and have to fit perfectly like a glove.If it's made only to fit the size of a peticular cutomer , why did I found a tag with LG inside the dress , the glove and cloak ?Well it's normal to find the tag with the type of fabric and how to care of it and of course the tag with the name of the compagny who made this.I just don't get it.The LG tag for me it indicate it is not custom made after all .Guess what? Because something is custom made (specially for wedding)you normally pay a little more.Maybe I'm wrong and nothing was custom made just choose from a catalog .Honnestly I really hope this dress did not cost a lot because it's so simple but who says medieval means $$$ to do.

Sweetie bride if you ever read this you are dear to my heart but this day was not as beautiful as your.Did I learn a lesson from that day , yes I did.My lesson is I will never ever be bridesmaid for anyone else in this life , except for you Gwenyver because you are my dear sister .

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  1. I knew you hated the dress, but I had never realized how sore a subject that day was for you.

    Cute dress, but indeed simple. Knowing the dressmaker, I'm betting the finishin touches aren't that great.

    I promise you'll get a say about your dress when you are my maid of honour (one day) and I will never put you in a colour or design that would make you look bad.