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I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

dimanche 31 octobre 2010

My goddauther's gift

For the first birthday of my goddauther I didn't know what I could offer her so when her mom told me she will go to a medieval activitie and have no dress for her I decided to make one.My first attempt was a failure.A few month later another activitie to go during the summer so this time was the good one.

 I use a synthetic fabric very similar to bamboo and spandex(fro a touch of extensibility).I had embroidery but I have to put a lining under it because the fabric is thin and extensible.
 For the pattern , I choose one I've seen in the french book  Le costume médiéval de 1320 à 1480 written by Florent Véniel from the Heimdal édition.All I have was a drawing no bigger then this picture and a scale so I draw it on a paper and hope it will be find.
The pattern looks like a cross or close of it .I also make a pair of pant to go under the  dress , even if  it's in the summer the dress is  a little too light for a child of this age.Of course who said summer mean sun so I made a little hat to protect her.Her mom take many pictures and send them to me since I wasn't to attend to the event .
My goddauther in the dress , hopefully the day was very sunny because everytime I go to this activitie it rain and it's cold.She is so cute.

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  1. She was so cute! She had been walking for 1 week at the time. And yes it was sunny and hot. We drank lots of water.