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samedi 27 novembre 2010

Memories of my travel in Louisiana

My travel in Louisiana was simply wonderfull.During the weekend , my honey went to a convention in New Orleans in the beautiful Rosevelt hotel.Saturday we were suppose to go on a club but well my feet were hurting so we did not but I have to join him to the hotel and decided to wear the red dress below.
 The dress is made of viscose/bamboo , soft to touch and comfortable.It's from simplicity 2647.The dress have only three pieces and required 3m of fabric not the 2.5 the pattern is asking for.Did you wish to wear something that everyone will look at you , to see men suddenly stopping what they are doing for opening the mouth and  said wow .This dress did it.Everone was looking at me and because I feel trusting ,it was amazing .The fact I did arrive at the hotel in cab and the dress being  red , it help to catch attention .

The same dress but unfinish.It's a knit fabric but not bamboo.I cut the back a little too tight.I wish to have at least one beautiful dress for the travel .I decided it will be easier to make another one and not playing with the pieces and unsew everything to get a few inches.Honestly , the temperature were so hot I could not imagine wearing a dress or pant if they were no airconditioning.

 Mask can be found mostly everywhere in New Awlins (that how local people pronounce New Orleans).I buy those because they were small and easy to put in baggage.It was in a small shop on Royal street and surely next time I go in Louisina , I will buy all of those I wish even if my honey said no and even if they are big , I will ship it to myself by UPS.

Differents littles things I bring .The fan is in sandalwood and it smell so good.I regret to not buy more then one.I buy it in Baton Rouge at the Magnolia mound plantation.

The aligator chest with the aligator pendant was buy from Insta - Gator ranch and hatchery.Probably the only time in your life you can take a baby aligator in your hand .They deserve a special thanks because when my honey and I arrive , the last tour were mostly finish and we did one hour of driving to reach them.They agree to give us a quicky tour and we really enjoy it.

The camay at left is from the creole plantation Laura .When we try to go there , our GPS try to send us in a sugar cane field.The place is beautiful and the guided tour is great.Surely it will make a jewelry to wear with a futur dress.Visiting plantation give me the project to make a dress from the civil war era.

The pendant tattoo is from the Marie Laveau vaudoo shop and the mask in silver (for my traveling bracelet)is from a jewelry shop on Royal street , both place are in New Orleans.

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