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mardi 11 janvier 2011

My first project for the Folkwear contest

The pattern company Folkwear did organise a contest which end december 31.They propose 4 patterns which might be use to create something a new interpretation of it.Here is the first project I submit.

                                           The original pattern : no 242 the rodeo cowgirl jacket.

I choose this pattern because I like  rodeo.My grandparents bring me  when I was young .When I saw my first rodeo , I remember a cowboy come to talk to my mom and gran.The horse of the cowboy was 3 or 4 time taller then me .With the pattern I wish to make something a little more modern but which will not eclipse totally the rodeo theme.

The final result is a vest with no button which can be wear open or with a belt .The two front pieces can be tie together.There is a pocket on one arm.The fabric is a light flannel , I use 3m but the front pieces are in two parts but it will be best to do it in one but I didn't have enough.I think a checked fabric  was a good idea but I deeply understand why similar vest which are so popular today are made from extensible fabric.It offer more possibility of style.
                                     A picture of the original front piece and the new one I create.
The detail of the arm , a small pocket which is half of the size of the one propose in the pattern.

The most important thing I learn with this project: if you are not sure yet of what you'r going to do , do not buy your fabric .I change my mind about this project during the creating process and the result is I did not buy enough fabric.

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