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samedi 29 janvier 2011

My last project for the contest

My last project for the Folkwear contest.I fininsh it on december 30 .I was so tired because of my job and I must admit I did not work as much as I should on it due to that.

The proposed pattern is a simple dress without sleeve (strap shoulder) with a tunic or a vest to wear over it .The pattern is an hommage to Isadora Duncan , a designer of the 1910.

I wish to give the dress a modern touch but with some acccent of the 1920 which is a period I like.I decided to not buy the major fabric for the dress , using a black extensible bamboo mix I already have.I buy a red velvet ribbon red organza and a light red lace.For the lace I wish to have something more shiny but I was limited to this choice.
A front view of the finish dress and cloak.The pattern of the dress is simply a front and a back which I made more wide and add a belt.The neckline is higher and more round.The shoulder straps are cross on the back.The jacket or vest in pattern is very like a rectangle .I use the major piece of it and turn the squarre into a round form .The result give a small cloak longer on the side which remember the sleeve of the original jacket.
I wish to have a very low back but I didn't want to create a dress which have to be worn without a bra.I use a piece of lace to create a back.I remember to saw something similar in Madeleine Vionnet creation so I try it .
A close view of the back.The lace is place to arrive high in the neck and the side are place the straps.
A front view of the cloak .The edge is simply a black picot point and is close by a hook and eye .
A view of the back of the cloak.

After doing three differents projects for this contest , I'm glad it's over .I did take a break in the beginning of january and now I'm back to work.

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