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dimanche 13 février 2011

Project under construction: costumes for theatre

I did start making those costumes for the students in theatre.This week I did nothing because I was sick and Gwenyver who also accept to help me was sick too.One of the student who work with me is always joking and somethimes call me Madame , I told him he will be the last to get his costume if he said that in public.He said it will be funny to see his costume on my blog before he even try it.So I take the idea.The students will be able to see their costumes here before I bring them at the school.

The world of theatre is far different from movie or historical reenactment. In theatre , the look is more important than historical accuracy.The budget  have less 0000 before the $ sign.

I'm going to share my experience with this group of student on this blog showing "the making of " for their costumes.By this way , they will see another side of theatre .

Before the I start
In every project , you have to work with restrictions.This one is no exception to the rule.

The budget
The students , as far as I know, will make only one representation of the play which mean there is no need of too much fancy.The budget , being very limited  , required to use accessoiries , fabric or part of costume the teacher gave me to start.Every fabric who have been buy have cost less then 3$ per metre.I also gave a few fabrics I didn't plan to use which help a lot.

The color
Every costume of the play have to be in the same tone : beige.From ivory to a darker beige , I could'nt add any color .The reason of this is simply because there will be lights effects during the play.Beige is not a popular color and I was a little afraid to not be able to find low cost fabric but hopefully we found what we need in the discount section of the fabric store.

The time
Time is one of the most crucial factor.From the moment I get all fabrics , models and measurement of everyone , I have 7 weeks to make everything.Even if I have 13 costumes to make , it's a short deadline for me.Now I loose one week because I was sick.I do have a regular job and I do this after it and during the weekend.By march 28 , every student should have is costume ready.

To try on
My only chance to meet the student are monday afternoon and I have only 1h30 .During this time they should try on the costume and I must do the correction if necessary.Hopefully I could bring my sewing machine if needed .

The changement of costume
After a scene , some student have to go back immediately on the stage for the next scene which mean the changement of costume must be done very quickly.By very quickly , I was ask it should take  less then a minute.This restriction does not change anything on the look but more on the conception of the costume.For a very quickly , it involve to use velcro , nothing must be fit too tight , no lacing and something you can just put on and remove without any button or zipper.Here the rule to apply is FAST.

My own capacity
Keep in mind sewing is a hobby for me .I know my own limit and capacity , I have no shame to admit it or even to talk about it.After all I'm not a professionnal seamstress.I do those costume on my free time .I do have a regular job .That's why I do found the help I need.

The most important of this help is my dear friend Gwenyver from Costumeholic who's going to make a few costumes.To every student  , if you saw her , she deserve to be thanks , her help is precious.The second  is an assistant which is not a seamstress , when she's available , her help is much and very appreciate.She's also my friend ans co-worker.She's the shy lady who came with me at the school.

Because I do recognise my own limit and seek for help , I know I will be able to make it in the deadline.

Pictures to come on the next week.

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  1. Great thought! I'll try to make diaries of the costumes I'm making for this play, with construction info and other tidbits.