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vendredi 17 février 2012

End of the sewing contract

After the costumes I made for the play in april 2011 , I was hired to make basic costume which could be use in the futur and which could fit to anybody.I think I had proove I'm  a good seamstress and have all the quality required to work seriously in a professionnal world.

First I buy the fabric with the teacher  .It wasn't easy because the budget was limited and I was ask to do so many things with .We buy differents colors of fabrics,  most of them being cotton or blend at the lowest price possible.I bring yards and yards of fabrics at home and start working.

I made a total of 20 skirts , I was suppose to make 15 but the fabric was so large so I could do more .Each of them are a four pannels skirt with a cord at the waist .It have to fit to anyone so that's why I choose cord and not elastic.Another reason is teenage can be picky , it's too loose or too tight.Some skirt were a little shorter , other longer.Who knows who's going to where it.I have no picture of it , is it really a necessity?
I had to made 15 basics shirts for men .Some of them had to looks more elegeant , some more ordinary.I had to manage that depending of the fabric.The color were  white , beige and yellow which I thought will be multi-purpose.I'm pretty sure no guy want to wear a pale pink shirt if it's not necessary.This an exemple of men's shirt .
                                                                                                             For women , I had to make 15 chemises.The teacher had a specific model in mind so I did it exactly .The only difference between them were the fabric and sleeve , some had a cord at the wrist , other don't.Some chemise looks more ordinary and some more elegant .I think one or two fabric were satin or something very similar.

Making all the things I mention is time consuming as you could guess.I wasn't pay at the piece but for a number of hours I was ready to offer.I don't know if it was the right thing to do or if it's how professionnal work but I have nothing to complain about.At the end I also offer a few extra hours for free because I enjoy making this.

I did finish only half of the shirt for both men and women.Other were only required to do some finishing on it which was really not a big deal.So why I did not finish and ask to be pay for that?Because my midwife told me I should take more rest .I was very tired and my honey told me it was more important to take rest for me and baby then finish at any price.I must admit both were right so I gave unfinish work to the teacher with a phone number of another seamstress .

What did I learn from this experience?
It was interesting.I was more then happy to make costume for other .Communication is important at every level.Making 20 skirts is not like making a  unique piece , it's a repetition and it become boring at some point.Planification is essential to succeed specially with an important amount of work.If I was ask to do it again ,  will I accept? Yes but I don't think I will do the things the same way  . I think for such a big work like that ,  I do know now everything that is  involve and how to deal with it .The most important is I do not have any regrets and it was a pleasure to work for that teacher.

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