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samedi 17 mars 2012

The costume book:the - non professional's guide to professional results.

The costume book : the non- professional's guide to professionnal result
Author : Mary Burke Morris , 160 pages , Schiffer publishing

I was first attrack by the title of this book.I had great expectation but I was so dissapointed.This book is mostly for seamstress or costumer which are going to work as professional(which mean you are going to be pay for your service)for individual or groups of people for exemple in  theatre.It talk about differents steps from the process of creating ,the budget , results etc.It suppose to be for intermediaire costumer but sometimes it give the impression it's for beginner.

What I like
Even if I personnally work a little for theatre , it was interesting to read and learn from someone who have a lot of experience.To know a little how she start working and what she did.

The author give tips on some construction of garment which is always interesting.Every subject is divided in a chapter step by step starting by the basic and everything is clearly explain.There is a lot of colors pictures  .There is a list of  ressources at the end and a list of other book publish by Schiffer .

What I didn't like
Sometimes I feel the book was written for beginner not for intermediaire costumer or a mix of it.I sometimes feel it was  written with a vision of if everything is perfect this is how it should be.It's probably what I have hate the most about it.It does not talk of bad or complicated situation you may experience and how to deal with.Trust me nothing is always perfect.

People who are going to read this book who may work for theatre  will probably be partially designer of the costume and seamstress in the same time  not just designer(it will be very surprisingly)and probably have to deal with so many things in the same time.

.A gentle reminder : Simplicity , McCall , Butterick  patterns are to be use by the seamstress at home only .It is clearly written on it.Talking of the use of this pattern for theatre is a very bad exemple .The fact is if  you use it and are pay for your work this is a violation  and you may face the justice for that.Are you willing to take the chance smaller it is?That may sound silly to some people because you know no one are going to put is nose in your business .You steal that's reality.

Some pattern compagny like Truly victorian , when you're buying a pattern it is clearly written you buy a copyright for making 10 of this pattern.The respect of someone else work is something deeply important even if it's a big compagny.Behind it , there is people working to make that.

The list of ressource at the end will not help you to find a lot of new thing.If you want to read this book , I suggest you buy it in sold or simply  borrow it.

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