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samedi 7 avril 2012

April 14 , 1912

This month we heard the name everywhere at tv and on the screen , why?Because this year in 2012 is the commemoration of the centennial of the Titanic.We all know the story of this luxuous ship which sank .It was a tragedy and only approximately 1/3 of the passengers survive.You can watch differents tv shows about it and the famous movie Titanic with Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio is back on the screen for the occassion.

Many activities have been organise for this centennial .There was differents cruises some starting from Southampton and will do the same route , many costumer's group organise something to wear there more beautiful 1912 clothing. I saw at tv there is a replica of some part of the Titanic (specially the stairs ) to show the luxe of it at Belfast which is the place the ship have been construct.

Let's talk about the fashion .The 1895 - 1914 is call La belle époque.It was a time of luxury and elegance for women , well at least for those born in a high social rank.The year we are interest in , 1912 , is part of the edwardian silhouette .When we talk of the edwardian time it refer to the time of when king Edward of England was ruling.Women are slim and wore corset which gave them a kind of S shape.I do found historicals pictures from the Kyoto costume institute and from FIDM.I thought it would be interesting to compare it to  the dress from  the movie .Pictures are always better then bla bla bla.

 An original suit and the one wore by the character Rose which can be seen at the beginning of the movie.Suit and big hat make women very elegant. Butterick 4212 can possibly be use  to make something similar but not an historical version I guess .I think the suit can make any women elegant.
 Evening or day dress? With the goods accessories and jewellery it may become an evening dress but for my taste it's more a day dress.That doesn't change the fact they are beautiful.Those historicals dress are from 1911.
 A very simple version.This dress can be seen when the titanic start to sank.There is a few similarity : the shorts sleeves , the neck line , the band at the waist and the two layers of fabric of differents colors but just not superimpose the same way.
 Something a little different but I thought there is no doubt this one is a  version for the day.
 A quick search did not allow me to find a good picture to compare.This evening dress have been a source of inspiration .When the movie appear on the screen for the first time , I do remember the compagny Le Château sold dress clearly inspired by the movie.There was two versions and I was no exception I did buy one.It was burgundy and black lace over it .My cousin had the red one with bead . Sadly , I do not have picture of it but if I ever found it , I will post it.

The same year , all my cousin and I receive the famous Coeur de l'océan(I guess it may be the ocean's heart in english).We all receive it for christmas .My parent also offer me earings to match which have an heart shape. I did not wear it anymore but I just keep it as a souvenir. Even my grandmother  have one but it's a bigger version.There is no doubt , the movie Titanic had inspired a lot of people .

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