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lundi 23 avril 2012

Designer : Paul Poiret

                                                        The lampshade tunic  around 1913

 I never heard the name Paul Poiret but only one or two times saw this name.I was curious about it and I found a wonderful french designer.

Poiret (1879-1944) start humbly by selling his drawing and worked for other until he get is own sewing house in 1903.He had a different vision of fashion  starting with design to wear without corset in 1903 and free of pettitcoat in 1906.It's only a beginning.

                                     A dress inpired by antique Greece , around 1913

His work was inspired by antique , regional and exoticism.He like to cut straight line , choosing a simple structure and construct from rectangle.He bring a touch of this little something to his creations .
 I specially like this dress.A very simple look but elegant in the same time.Made around 1922 -1923.

Poiret was not only a designer but a real business men.He also create a cosmetic , perfume and a decorative art compagny , the total package.He knew how to make people talk about him and selling his products , there is nothing like  marketing.Amazing and flamboyant window display was not the only  trick he does.
                                               Another dress make by Poiret , around 1921

The first time I saw the name Poiret , it was for a very special type of coat : the kimono or cocoon coat.Some people like , some just hate it  at the first  look .I personally like it because it's really different.Like the  name says , it's inspired by kimono .
                                       The kimono or cocoon coat , around 1913 -1919
                                                             Cocoon coat , back view

To make people talk about him , Poiret organize a famous party with 300 guests : the  one thousand and second night.It was an arabian party and everyone might be in appropriate costume.Here is an example of a costume create specially for the occassion.In the same time for marketing purpose , he also promote a new perfume name like his daughter.A good marketing strategy.
 An arabian costume , around 1911

After the glamour and the success come the rough reality.For the first world war of 1914-1919 , Poiret had to do his military service.He become a military tailor.After his service , his enterprise was not well.

In the twenties , he start loosing popularity .Clothing had to become more practical , modern .He definitively close in 1929 , surpass by other sewing house.His name have been know because he make a mantle for an actress in a play.Years later , because he reject the modernism that fashion as become it was the end. He could not reconcile his view with it but he stay loyal to his ideas and his views.

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