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mardi 1 mai 2012

Designer : Charles Frederick Worth

                                                         A dress around 1862 -65

If  you ever need inspiration to create a fabulous dress , the designer Charles Frederick Worth (1825-95) could surely be a great source of inspiration.The father of haute couture left his mark.Here we talk of absolute luxury and beauty.
                                                       An afternoon dress around 1872

Worth is born in England and move to Paris in 1845 or 1846(differents sources mean differents dates).He work as a salesman in a company which sold differents goods.He make dress for his wife and some clients wish to have the same.He open a small dressmaking department and it was his beginning as a professionnal .
                                                        A tea gown around 1875-80
                                                            A back view of the gown
His designs win prize in 1851 at the great exhibition of London and in 1855 in Paris for the exposition universelle.

In 1858 , Worth open his own couture house with an associate : Bobergh.He was willing to take the risk of such a project .He retired in 1871 and Worth became the only owner.1860 was for Worth the beginning of his popularity.
                                                  A court presentation dress around 1885
                                               Court presentation dress around 1888
To be present at the court was an important event for a young women.Every women want to look at is best , surely a beautiful dress make by a popular designer help.
                                                        An evening dress around 1888

Worth did not have any clients , they were royalty from Europe , actress , singer  and fortunate american.His first royals clients were the princess of Metternich and the empress Eugénie .People were ready to travel as much as it need to buy his creations.Some of them buy entire wardrobe.
                                                           A ball gown around 1872
                                                             A back view of the gown

But what make Worth so special ? Of course his design and style were exquisite . He use exclusive trim and fabric (which include a lot of silk) . The luxury people had in mind , he bring that to live.He was meticulous and the final result must fit perfectly like no other.Client expect the best and he gave it.

                                                          An ensemble around 1893

                                                             A coat with fur around 1894
                                                   A ball gown with butterflies around 1898

Another interesting point to the special treatment the clients received : the garments were present on living model in vast room.Imagine having a fashion show only for you.You select the design you like and the designer show you fabric to choose for your futur dress.This is what I call a good service.

                                                        A tea gown around 1900-01
                                                            A tea gown around 1910
After the death of his founder , the house of Worth continue to be successful .During 94 years it stays in the hands of members of the family.It start with the two sons Gaston-Lucien and Jean Philippe follow by Worth great grandson Jean Charles and his nephew Roger.Each of them had work on differents levels and keep in mind the values of the founder of the house.

                                                         An evening dress around 1902

The house of Worth close in 1952 when Jean Charles retired from the business.It was buy in 1954  by the house of Paquin and will take the name House of Worth and Paquin.
                                                        A dinner gown around 1908-10
An evening dress around 1938 design by Roger Worth

In Lincolnshire  England  , which is the birth place of Worth , a gallery have been open in his honnor being call The Charles Worth gallery.The owner of the gallery do not have the budget to buy a gown or any surviving garment.It will be too much expensive.They have made replica of dress and expose them.

Charles Frederick Worth was very popular and you could find so many garments which have survive to the time.I invite you to visit the virtual collection of the Metropolitan museum to see more pictures .They present many views and close-up .I promess hours of delight for the eyes.

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