The attic is a place dedicate to share my passion :costuming and sewing.I'm not a professional or expert seamstress,only the mother of young kids who love sewing.You won't find 100% historical costume,museum replica, perfection or extreme thing here.

I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

vendredi 10 août 2012

Shopping list

A make a new  and update list of shopping .This time it will be more interesting because there is a link for each of them.I do not wish to make publicity for them and if you have any problem with one of them , please don't blame me for that.Sharing shopping link are to help other to find item they didn't know where to get it.If any seller of interest should be here , please let me know so I could possibly add it.

Ageless pattern: Like the name says it's about pattern.

American duchess : Silk stoking and historical shoes make for comfort and durability for reenactor.Even if it's good quality , the price of shoe are expensive .If  you like them they have some with imperfection for half  the price.Most of stocking sold are cotton , it's a rare place to find some made of 98% of silk.

At the sign of the unicorn: A place to buy fabric.

Crafty celts: They make celtic jewelry and accessoiries.Some item are expensive but their work are really great.If you are interest in something , join the mailing list.By this way you will learn when they are doing their bi-annual discount of 10% on everything.For canadian citizen you will have to pay cutstoms fees on arrival even if it arrive by Post Canada.

Elven workshop -Atelier des elfes : Gorgeous jewelry handmade by an artist in France ,elvish style and possibility to order custom work.

Farthingales : They sell all you need for making corset from coutil to pattern.They also have ready to make your own kit.They have a few costuming patterns.

Folkwear pattern  : You will find a lot of special and very unusual pattern , many treasure to discover.I think most pattern are about 19$ , they ship anywhere.You really need to visit it at least one time to find a victorian bathing suit , many 1920 dress and other pattern you will not see on the most commercial one.

Fugawee: For different thing but more specifically shoes .

Hedgehog handwork : Books and supplies for needlework .Like they describe themself , hard to find supplies.

Historical enterprise:The most interesting on the site is the accessoiries for clothing and for reenactment.They have magazine but in french and they offer a lot of clothing.A look on it and maybe you will find something of interest.

Jas Townsend and son : They have a lot of thing for reenactor from clothing to eating and cooking gear , hat , glass and many more.It's a great adress to know .

JP Ryan pattern : Pattern of the 18th century for men and women.

Mace and Nairn: For your handsewing need.

Mantua maker pattern : For pattern , not a large selection but still interesting.

Medieval moccassin: For scottish or irish character they have the perfect shoes for reenactment . Historical or not ,they made very comfortable leather shoes for an average price.Personally , in my own area it's most expensive then that.Many color and possibility of model and they can resole you shoes of a reasonable price.They make shoes for child.

Oriental pearls: A place in the US to buy freshwater pearl from the tinniest to big one , from white to color one.They sometimes have special and discount , take a look often if you plan to need some.They also have button or imperfect pearl which are less expensive then perfect round.Good quality and service.

Past pattern : For patterns.

Pattern of time : Again it's all about pattern.

Quite specific media :They have book on costume ,some are equal or have a lower price then Amazon.

Reconstructing history pattern : A great selection of pattern from middle to 20th century but they are the most  expensive pattern I've ever seen , + -  around 30$.Since they have e-pattern shipping rate for print pattern are high.I did buy 1 pattern from them and was a little disappointed.

Renaissance fabric: A choice of silk and some interesting buttons.You can order fabric sample for free.I deal with them , great customer service.

Reproduction fabric : A selection of reproduction of fabric , cotton.I think you can get a few free sample.You can buy custom sample of fabric and get your money back if you buy fabric in the following month.

Sapphire and Sage : They make jewelry specially those from movie or painting replica for an average price.

 Sartor fabric: Don't look at this one if your fabric budget need a diet.They are specialize in silk ,silk  imitation , brocade etc.It's a delight for the eyes , the choice of fabric is great and amazing.Be aware it's not cheap.

Sense and sensibility pattern: For pattern , specially interesting for those in the regency era.

Spoon flower : You choose a design and next the type of fabric you want for it,that's the idea.

Steampunk emporium or western emporium : For steampunk or western stuff from jewelry and accessoiries to costumes.

The dressmaker shop : Another place to get free sample of fabric.They  have pattern , fabric , corset supplies and many other thing.

Tudor jewelry : Base in the UK , jewelry from the tudor era.Not cheap but a good quality and good customer service.

The tudor shoppe : They have a lot of music and a few thing of interest.

Truly victorian pattern : A lot of interesting patterns .You will wish to have all of them.

William Booth draper: They have interesting fabric but first , I do receive an  excellent customer service.

Wooded hamlet design : A place to buy fabric.

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