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dimanche 12 août 2012

The costumer's mystery : the stash

At some point every costumer is going to talk about the stash , this mysterious reserve of fabric you keep for futur project.I'm not going to show you all my reserve and talk about special and deal I get.It's about how to not be overwhelm by it.

For beginner or more skill and advance seamstress , this post is a strong recommendation or advice to follow.Having a reserve of fabric is a good thing but when it become too big and take so much place , surely you will remember this.Some of you may recognize yourself in this.
Two differents Italian brocade found for 8$ per m instead of 35$  because it was in many pieces of  a max of 3 m.

1- Make a list of all the project you wish to do .

Making a list of project you want to do help to keep the focus on what's important.After you make the list , put a mark next to those who seem more important or have the priority .This list will probably always growing , but by knowing which one is more important you know what you want to work on.

2- Know you measurement and how much fabric you need.

If you have a pretty good idea of how much fabric you need and your measurement , it will be easier to buy the right amount of fabric.It's easy to think you need 5m but if reality says 6 , it will stay in the stash for months.On the opposite , buying too much fabric and will shortly have a reserve of leftover which take place and are unused.Buying a little more then you need in case of problem is a good idea but only a little.

3- Buying fabric and trim in sold.

By this way you will pay less to increase the reserve . If you do not buy fabric from the web , some are available only if it's the season like linen.Where I live there is only a small choice of linen during the winter but when spring arrive the choice is so much bigger.In store , if you see something you like and could work with buy it now.If you came back a week later it may not be available.

4- Keep an inventory of your purchase.

If you have a list right under your eyes to know what you  buy , you won't buy again something you don't need.You can add the name of which project it goes for  and by this way you will remember exactly what was your first idea and what is available to it.

5- Make a reserve of baking soda boxes and fabric softner sheet.

That's from my personnal experience.This gorgeous italian brocade have been store in rubbermaid bac  for months.Bad surprise when I open it , it smell like hell.I'm not jocking.It take 2 baking soda boxes and something like 12 fabric softner sheet to have a smell which is ok.If like me you don't wash before storing , a boxe of baking soda is something you should seriously consider.You can find those wonderfull boxes for 1$ at Wal Mart or at any dollar store.

6- Deadlines and realism

To not be overwhelm by fabric , give you some deadlines to make  project  specially if you're not going to specific activity.Be realist and don't try to rush if there is no reason for it.Don't skip step of the creation part when you're making costume.That's why you need to be realist , you're the only one who know how fast you can do things and time you can give to it.

I hope some of you will found this usefull.For my case , I am overwhelm.My honey is complaining about it.I did start an inventory of what I have and this is how I get the idea of this post.It remind me a few project I wish to start and show me all the possibilities I have .

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