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vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Book review: Costume close-up

Costume close-up:clothing construction and pattern 1750-1790 , 120 pages
by Linda Baumgarten,John Watson and Florine Carr , publish by Colonial Williamsburg foundation

It's a small book but full of information and very usefull.If you like the period it's a good book to buy or you can also offer it as a gift for another costumer.It's not perfect but it's great anyway.

What I like

It's small so not expensive.Be aware if you buy it from amazon , offer it for half the price 25$and 52$ on amazon .ca.Even with the shipping and exchange rate it's a better deal.

A few pictures are in color.

The historical garment in the book have their picture and pattern .They are from the Colonial Williamsburg museum .If like me your chance to visit it are low , it's interesting to this.

Every garment present come with a lot of info on the garment it self or about the period.

It's a good ressource for 18th century clothing.

What I didn't like

Yes it's small but the presented period is short.

80% of the pictures are black and white , color will be much much better.

Who says pattern in a book required a min of skill you have to possess or to learn.

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