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lundi 19 novembre 2012

The Callot sisters

A négligé made of silk around 1898-1902.
You probably notice I like designer from the past.This one or those one to be correct are special.They all are but those have a very particular style.Before talking of it and what they have done , let me introduce them and delight your eyes with pictures.

A coat made of silk , fur and wool around 1900.
A back view of a dinner dress , silk and linen , around 1908.Look at the amazing details.
The Callot sisters are 4 , Marie , Marthe , Régina and Joséphine.With those name you can guess correctly they are from Paris , France.Their mother was a lacemaker.It's probably why they start working with lace and ribbon for lingerie and blouse.A nice start.
An evening dress around 1909-1910.
I like the fur of this dress ,so gorgeous, around 1910-1911.
In 1895 they open their house in Paris making what I've mention earlier.They will start making more clothing.In 1915 they participate to the international exposition in San Fransisco California by presenting their creations.
A chic evening dress , side view, 1910-1914 around.I would like to have this one in my wardrobe.

Looks like a dressing gown? It's not.This is a silk dress clearly inspired by kimono, around 1918.
It's interesting to know the designer Madeleine Vionnet had work has an apprentice for the sisters.She will be well know.I wrote an article on her if you want to know more.
Another dress inspired by Asia , around 1919.

A tea gown around 1920.
I said the Callot sisters were special.Like other ,  their work was of a great quality , luxurious material and fashionable details.They were know for the exotic-special detail they made.They were among the first designers to use gold and silver lamé to make dress.A quick look on their creations and you could know what they were inspired by.In my choice of pictures , I try to put mostly what is typical of that.
An evening suit around 1920.
A dress with byzantine , hispano and moresque style  , around 1923.
In 1910- early 1920 they were using construction and embellishment technic from Africa and Asia.Will you be surprise if I told you they receive client in a chinese style room? It gave to the client a unique experience and they came from Europ and United States for that.
An evening dress around 1924-1925.
An evening dress around 1925-1926.
1920.The house of Callot is now prosperous and well know.They are part of the major and leading couture house.The sisters open succursales in Nice , Bianitz , Buenos Aires and London. In 1925 they participate to an exposition in Paris: the exposition des arts décoratifs et industriels.
Another example of dress inspired by Asia , around 1925-1926.I specially like the color and the design on it.
A dress to dance all night  , around  1926-1927.
The son of Marie take the business in charge in 1928.With years , the market become more and more competitive.Difficulties force the house to close in 1937.It is sold to another couture house, Calvet , which will use the name Calvet and Callot.Even with this revival , they could not resist to the difficulties bring by the world war two .They finally close between 1948-1952 , I'm not exactly sure of the date since again no one have the same.A lot of the creations of the sisters survive.I could show more and more pictures.This is the end of another great house.
All pictures are from the Met museum. If you like what you have seen , the museum offer more view of it.

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