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mercredi 21 novembre 2012

The medieval tailor assistant

The medieval tailor assistant:making common garments 1200-1500 by Sarah Thursfield  , 224 pages , publish by Quite specific media

What I like

It cover a long period.

It offer a great variety for clothing for men and women.

A great source of info not only focus on clothing but all that came with like hairstyle ,choice of fabric how to make eyelet and lacing etc .

Include a glossary of term at the end .

It explain how to make your own personal pattern block to help you to get better result.

Offer a lot of pattern but you must be familiar with the process.(I'm not)

Offer a list of ressource at the end.

What I didn't like

No pictures.It came with illustrations.A few historical pictures or reconstitution would have been a wonderfull addition.

Working with the pattern , personal block and all diagram may not be for beginner.I'm not really familiar with that and sometimes I found this painfull.

It could be hard to get it at a good price.You could be surprise to see how expensive it could be .If you want it but is not available from amazon under 50$, buy it directly from the publisher .The price is around 45$.

Even if it's full of info and a great ressource , I wish I could get this book under the selling price.If it had include pictures or reproduction garment the price would be totally justify.I can't say I'm 100% satisfy.Someone who like this era may appreciate this book.

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