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lundi 17 mars 2014

Book review :lucet braiding

Lucet braiding : variations on a renaissance cord by Elaine Fuller , 32 p

I must admit I'm rarely disappointed about a book but the disappointment with this one was something.Let's me explain why.

Positives points:

The book is not expensive at all , around 15$ .It's a good base to learn how to use a lucet .It's simple and easy to understand for beginner.

Negatives points:

You should not pay more then 15$ for it , I've seen it three times this price and it really doesn't deserve it.The major problem I have face is the shipping , where ever I want to buy it was two times the price of the book and some places more.Well if amazon of my country had it , it would have been much easier.

There is no picture of final product.Only black and white sketch .You will have no idea of what the result could looks like and in the same time no idea of where and when to use it.It's like a rush course.

When I was searching about lucet , I realize there is a few types of them.I don't know if they do the exact same thing but the shape is quite different.It would have been so ,so much interesting to show them and explain the difference between them.Showing how and what you could create with each , even if they doesn't fit in the renaissance category.

My final word about this is simply do not expect too much and find another source to complete tour needs.

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