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lundi 31 mars 2014

Book review : Moda a firenze

Moda a Firenze 1540 -1580 : lo stile di Eleonora di Toledo e la  sua influenza , 252 pages
By Roberta Orsi Landini and Bruna Niccoli , english and italian language , starting price 120$

I must admit I did hesitate before buying this book.I was looking for it for a long time.In january it was 120$ when I place my order on amazon.After 4 weeks I was told there was going to be a delay.Two weeks later no news and no idea of when I was going to get it in my hands.By this time the book have increase of 15$ , good for me to order before.I finally order it used on the marketplace for the 120$ I was ready to pay.There is not much book on italian renaissance costume so I really want it.I thought it would help me somehow for the IRCC challenge.I think this book is not for every costumer so let me explain the positives and negatives points.

Positives points

This book is a great ressource , full of information not only on Eleonora of Toledo but about her life and the life of her family.I was interest by the subject and I learn a lot .There is pictures of to compare the type of sleeve , collar etc.You have a glossary of term at the end so you would ,with time ,become familiar with the italian word ex camicia (chemise).

Negatives points

This book is in english and italian , italian at left, english at right.I believe it would have been best to be in one language .It might gave a smaller book less expensive.The starting price is  around 120$ ,the subject must really really interest you.The period cover by the book is short + - 40 years.For a short time of fashion I would have prefer something less expensive.

If you expect to see the entire wardrobe and museum pieces that belong to Eleonora of Toledo , you will be so much  disappointed.You won't see much of it simply because much to not say all of her wardrobe was given after her death.That's something I learn in the book and didn't knew.You must love painting because that's mostly what is shown.

If you don't see historical garment , you probably thought it contain pattern.No it does not.This book is not made by the women who did the Tudor tailor.A collaboration with such women would have been so amazing because there is no reproduction of any garment.There is nothing like to see a real dress .A lack of visual support.

The inventory of the wardrobe of Eleonora of Toledo .Well....If you are interest about it much of it is not translate and is in italian.You could say it probably won't gave much informations anyway but it's too bad that I have to use a dictionary to understand.The glossary of term at the end of the book  is  not complete.

Finally I do realize when I wrote my review that the book disappointed me a tinny little bit.Even if it's a great book I think the lack of visual support make it not on the top.People say how amazing it is but it miss this little touch that would have make it a fives stars book .Only 5 stars book deserve to be paid more then a 100$.For 120$ , I think it's too much and I don't agree with people saying how wonderfull and extraordinary this book is.The price is too high for what it offer but if the subject interest you , buy it as a gift from me to me with all my love like I did.

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