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lundi 8 juin 2015

Acc no 1 complete: a mouchoir or handkerchief

Back in the renaissance , kleenex does not exist.Men around 50 years old in our modern time sometimes have mouchoir made of fabric in their pocket.My dad , grandfather and boss does have one.It is easy to believe they could have this fonction in the past or just  being  an elegant accessorie .

I found two examples in the book Moda a firenze  by Roberta Orsi Landi and Bruna Niccoli.One having a red embroded design , the other having tassels.I decided to make a mix of those.I choose a classic , easy design of leaf and stem.At the end it doesn't give the result I expect.It looks like more regency for me but it was done entirely by end.
I use a delicate white linen and silk floss.This is a close up of the stem and the leaf.I had never done embroidery before so for a first time I think it looks like nice.All the leaf does look good as this one.
A close up of the border.I know it's hard to tell  specially white on white but I use elizabethan blanket stitches to make the entire border.It take a lot of time but bring a lot of satisfaction because I made this by hand and have not use any machine.
The final result.The tassel are made by hand too and are in silk.It wasn't iron which give an impression of not being straight on the side but it is.
Two moderns examples of mouchoirs.At left a mouchoir with a print design made in Switzerland and bring from someone I know.At right a gift from a co worker which bring it from her travel in Belgium.The lace part is handmade.

Fact about the mouchoir:
Type of fabric: linen from William Booth draper
Type of thread:silk buy from Sartor fabric
Model of mouchoir : found in the book Moda a Firenze by
Reference book : Elizabethan stitches by Jacqui Carey
Time to complete the item: 11h15
Type of construction: entirely by hand

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