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vendredi 5 juin 2015

Accessories to be complete : a girdle

 Pictures from the Scala  museum

No dress is complete without jewelry.For the challenge , I thought I could do a girdle.This portrait , Isabella De Medicis by Allessandro Allori catch my attention.A girdle  should not be too difficult to do and will help to give an impression of luxury.

A close up of the girdle I'm looking for.The idea was not to make a replica but something inspire by it.The girdle of  Isabella is made of pearls , gold jewel with a stone in the center and the end is attach to a zibelline.
I buy ouch and a central piece from Sapphire and Sage.I choose black stone to pop and I thought it could match to many potential color of dress I could make.

The pearl are genuine.The have the button shape for a lower cost but will work perfectly for a girdle.The size is between 8-10mm.If I had buy smaller pearl it would not have been the same and would not have fit with the dimension  of the ouch or the central piece.

It would not be possible to find a zibelline in my province and it can't cross the border if I found one.The best I can do is to get a close cousin of it  but I won't.I don't like those little beast with jewelry for their eyes , it's creepy for me.

Right now the girdle isn't done.It would be easy to make it and not much time consuming.I thought it would be best to wait until the dress in entirely finish to make sure it is long enough specially around the waist.

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